New Westfields

I went to the new Westfields in the city today! It's pretty big, with like 5 stories (I think) and the levels are categorised by how high-roller the stores are, LOL. I actually spent a long time trying to decide what to wear today, which is a little embarrassing cuz I have like 6 different tops just strewn on top of my drawers and on my bed. Failed attempt at buying a formal dress today! :( Went with Nick, and we kept thinking we had heaps of time (well he was like, Don't worry we have like 4 hours, as if we're going to be walking for the whole time, too) but we actually didn't. Went to Ramen Kan, and wowww, we ordered so much. :( Too much. I didn't even finish my karaage don, and for the people who know me, then I don't like wasting food. Even though I didn't finish the meat in my pho dac biet yesterday (LOL), but generally, I don't like wasting food. :o

Watching Man vs Wild on the train, keke.

Agedashi tofu from Ramen Kan. :9

I couldn't even buy a new ruler today. Morning Glory is the best, though, and they have the softest and cutest teddy bears ever! Seriously, they are so cute. The Morning Glory near the K-Pop shop has the softest teddy bears, you have to go and touch them or something, I don't know. SO CUTE. And the K-Pop shop was playing the MV for Hello by SHINee but Supergirl by SuJu was playing. And then they played the MV for Soom. :D! And, and, and I saw a Japanese drama and one of the actors on the cover looked like Hillman. LOL.

Cutest mirrors in the world! And you can see Nick in the pink cat one. :P

I found a couple of decent dresses .. But I guess nothing with that 'wow, oh my gosh, I totally have to have this dress now now now' factor to it. :( To the people who have their dresses, is that actually what they felt like when they saw the dresses they have? If so, I doubt I'm ever going to find my dress. :( There was this really nice dress though, and it was $780 LOL. As if, as if. I saw these really nice Tony Bianco wedges, but they were peeptoe. They're not really too different or anything, they're just black suede and are mega high, with platform and everything. I couldn't even walk properly with just one shoe on, since they were so high and I was just walking around with my flat boots and a super tall wedge. $180, which isn't too bad since they are heels and it's expected, but not for formal. I guess.

And just sayin', there are like doubles of some stores in the new Westfields. :P The new Westfields is really pretty, though. Zara will be opening soon, too, and I think Sportsgirl is under construction or something? There are heaps of new stores in that general area though. Or stores that were built in the last couple of months, anyway. :P

My feet kill right now since my boots off UO are actually pretty hard and I guess uncomfortable .. But two sales assistants from different stores complimented them today! :D I was so happy LOL, I never get compliments like that. :$ I still have to much to consider for formal -- dress, shoes, makeup, accessories, clutch, nails, everything .. I think I'll have to go shopping on all of my free weekends leading up to formal.

Last night, me and Simon got blocked from iSketch. AND NOW WE'RE UNBLOCKED, WOOOO. ^w^ School tomorrow can suck my balls. Skipping class for one week was good.

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