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Asos was offering free shipping to Australia yesterday! It ended at midnight .. And surprisingly enough, I was actually asleep by then. People probably don't know this, but since the start of 2010 I've only slept before 12am on the rare occasion. I remember sleeping at around 6am on actual new years' day and waking up at 2:45pm, LOL. But recently I've started sleeping earlier, being woken up by the 2 minute phone call at awkward hours in the morning, then falling asleep again. Apparently I'm a heavy sleeper.

Anywaay, so I didn't end up getting anything from Asos since I've decided to 'save money for other things', like a new swimsuit. I plan to return the swimsuit I bought the other day even though it's the closest I've seen to the one I wanna get from Asos, in real life. :( But it's a size 8 and ideally, I'm a size 6. I didn't think I'd make too much of a difference but it actually does, and it totally sucks. :I I'll return it on Wednesday .. I'm so cut, I really need to get a swimsuit now! :o I hope I can buy stuff off Victoria Secret or something, I don't know, but their swimsuits look hot. On hot models, though, so it makes a massive difference. :( Is there really a Victoria Secret store at Sydney airport? It doesn't say anything on the site .. I really hope there is, though -- I really wanna get stuff! :3

I stumbled across this nail polish on Fred Flare, and I love it! Too bad the shipping to Australia is crazily high -- 1 pound costs around $26-27 to ship! And shipping prices increase if you buy more/weighs more, so it's pretty expensive shipping. ;__; I found this polish on eBay though, and it's around $35 including shipping. I don't really wanna pay that much for polish though, especially when I want to get other things! :o

This goes so well with my back-up dress! I think it could also be a little late to have a back-up formal dress as well. With formal just around the corner, I'm going to have to find a dress fast before I decide to go looking for the best way to get my back-up dress and everything. Totally sucks. Everyone else has their formal dress, and I don't! Some people even have their whole outfit planned, their schedule for December 9th planned out, everything! And I'm just sitting here, wishing I could download Maplestory, wondering what to do about bitches, looking through pages and pages of dresses and not finding anything, just wishing I had a formal dress.

I managed to skip all my classes for this whole week, with SC and going to help with the Archibull prize (art) instead. And today, me, Nick and Grace went to Sushi Bay. I was pouring chilli flakes into my udon, and Nick thought it'd be funny if he tapped the shaker so I'd end up pouring heaps. Pouring heaps, yeah, I dropped the whole thing into my bowl, and we had to clean it up without the waitresses knowing. LOL.

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