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I've had this 'Create post' tab open for really long but I haven't typed anything.

I'm capped. This means that it's going to take me more than half an hour to find a suitable image for this post. Today was crap day, too. In 2 days, I've lost 5 followers on Twitter. Probably makes me look bad that I care, but it was nice to find a couple new followers when I logged in. We got a sheet with a draft of what subjects we're getting next year. I want to change biology to visual arts, but it's a bit annoying cuz in order to do that, I have to change ag to visual arts, then bio to ag. How annoying. I've also decided to do extension English, and I can already tell that in year 11, I'm probably going to drop it or have a why the hell did I decide to choose this bs subject attitude towards it. I'll still do it, though.

.. I really want to get my conch pierced. But I figured that the best time to get it would be after life saving (if I even make it as an instructor .. I really hope I do, but I don't feel too motivated or confident. I guess.) but before formal. Well, I could easily do it after formal, but the vain bitch in me wants to have a piercing that shows up in the formal photos. Even so, my parents don't let me get a conch piercing.

I think I'm going formal shopping this weekend. I hope I find everything and that I'm happy with it cuz really, I don't feel too psyched about formal right now. There's so much I haven't thought about/figured out yet, like how to do my makeup, what colour dress I want to wear, what look I'm even going for and everything. Camp's in a matter of days (like a little more than a week) and yeah, I don't really know if I'm excited about things anymore. Shit happens, and I guess I'm really, really confused about things right now.

Yesterday and today, I haven't had class because I've been helping out at art with the Archibull prize/competition/whatever. I love being part of Art Crew, we have class projects and always have to take a few days off to work on it. All I've really contributed though, is a couple of graphs with statistics on it. How boring. I should be working on them right now. The only thing I'm proud of that I've contributed is probably the photos I took of 'sustainable agriculture' and leaves and stuff, because the people who are painting the cows have been using them. Maybe not. Oh well.

Asos has free shipping to Australia, but it ends at midnight tonight. I wanted to get these 2 rings, but I've decided not to get them. I can tell I'm going to regret this .. I hope I don't remember this, cuz I know I'm going to regret things. And I'm not sure if I should cut up the back of the Supre shirt I bought 2 weeks ago .. Cuz I wanted to make it into a backless shirt (not fully backless but the back will be cut up and there are strings going across. Sounds weird, a picture would explain things a lot easier, but I'm capped and it's taking a bajillion years for me to just check my emails) and now I'm not sure anymore.

I can tell this post is really boring. :S Point is (cuz I probably haven't gotten to the point):
1 I really, really want a conch piercing; my parents don't let me get a conch at all; I'm kinda sick of people telling me to get it anyway cuz I'm not going to get it, that's just really cut to my parents; if someone tells me to get my lobes pierced before anything, then fuck you, I don't want my lobes pierced;
2 I failed/didn't do well in school cert which finished today. I can't even download Maplestory because every time I click to download it, a pop-up comes up and says that the file I'm trying to download could be harmful to my computer;
3 Decided to do extension English next year, dropping bio for art, and I have PE, chem, ag and extension maths (offline);

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