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Since there's evidence on Formspring that people actually read my blog (LOL), I'll post something instead of doing school cert past exams, even though my exams are tomorrow. And that there are 3 units of science that I totally don't know anything about, and teacher say they're pretty sure are in the exam tomorrow.

Yesterday was a pretty long day. I don't really feel like going too much into it since I've already replied it in a question on Formspring (here). I bought a new swimsuit, though! It looks like the one I wanted from Asos (I think I had a picture of that one 2 posts down, or something?), except the one I bought has straps and it has slight rouching (seriously I have no idea how to spell it or anything, if it's even a word, Idk cuz Google is confusing me nao) at the bottom. Originally, I had this supermad plan where I'd buy a swimsuit, preferably bandeau that had underwire and I'd stud the boob area with these iron on silver dome studs that I bought off eBay but never used. So finally, I bought the swimsuit and now, I don't know if I'm going to do it or not because: a) I still haven't decided if it looks slutty or not, b) the fucking rouching part is making shit confusing to stud, c) the swimsuit I bought has so padding so things could poke out when things get cold (LMAO :$$), and d) if I did stud it, I'm not sure where to stud. So there's a lot of shit that I don't know what to do about, but I'm going to have to buy padding to sew in. I don't even know if I can sew it in, too cuz seriously, the rouching at the bottom is messing everything up. Even though it's really slight, even though the rest of the swimsuit would pretty much be alright, it messes everything up. Q__Q~ So I'm gonna have to check Spotlight and find padding, see if I can figure out how to insert it and everything. Ugh. If anyone's wondering why I didn't just buy the one off Asos, then nuu, they don't have my size. :(

Nick came over and fell asleep on my couch yesterday. So I took the time to get some SC past exam papers done, LOL. I did the multiple choice for last year's science exam .. It wasn't too bad. But there's so much I need to look over! After the yearly exams, we've gone through around 3 topics (cuz we didn't have enough time) and I haven't been doing anything, so I don't know anything! I really shouldn't be blogging, but okay. :(

The structure of this post is so weird, but I wish I could draw like this! Source: mon dieu!

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