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I got my English marks back today (completely surprised with my mark) and overall, I'm so, so, so happy with my marks these yearlies! :D Even my geography and science marks -- my worst subjects -- weren't too bad. I have told my parents about it yet but I'm so excited! I was planning to ask them about getting a conch *again* since my mum actually I said I'd been doing well in my exams .. So I'm super super excited! Even though I'm almost 100% sure they still won't let me get it.

Maths -- 74/80 (92.5%)
English -- 18/20 (90%)
Science -- 80.5/100 (80.5%)
Agriculture -- 58.5/65 (90%)
History -- 45/50 (90%)
Geography -- 38/50 (76%)
PE -- 58.5/75 (77.4%)
Art -- 23/25 (92%)
Commerce -- 29/30 (96.7%)
These are probably the best marks I've gotten ever at Hurlstone -- even better than my year 8 marks. And they were good. I'm so glad all my studying eventually paid off! But Monday to Wednesday next week is school cert, and I really hope I do well in them. I can't just do well in my yearlies and get not as well in SC. :( I don't feel like studying for exams though. There's so much for science that I haven't covered, and I've totally forgotten everything in geography. At least we only have 5 exams, right?

I should probably start typing my blogs properly. By that, I mainly mean using sentences properly instead of typing exactly what I would say in real life. But then again, I think I'd probably make this blog a bajillion times more boring than it already is. :(

Year 10 camp, lifesaving and formal are all -- surprisingly -- just around the corner. (I'm not excited about school cert so that's why it's not mentioned, hmph.) I really, really want to get a swimsuit at Globalise! I found one two days ago but it was a size 8 and ideally, I wear a size 6. I really, really hope it's still there though! Even if it's too big, whatever, I can find ways around it! :( It's such a pretty swimsuit and I really want it. I haven't bought anything for formal either, since I haven't found a dress. I was planning to go to Bondi Westfields or look around in the city on the weekend, but I haven't asked my parents about it. I haven't asked my parents about going out tomorrow, even though I've already planned to go to Sushi Bay with Nick after volunteering tomorrow.

If my lifesaving application form does not get accepted, I'm going to be so cut. I want do be a lifesaving instructor so, so, so badly! Hopefully Mr Wilson overlooks the fact that pretty much all of the relevant certificates and achievements I have were all from primary school -- I should probably start going finals night for swimming. :( Fingers crossed that I get accepted! ^w^

Oh, the Australian dollar has been soaring and so many people have been buying stuff online. I believe we're even with the US right now, maybe even a little higher? I just wish I had money. :'(

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