Lisa's Orangutan Caught Herpes. Not Cool.

You all probably think I'm messed in the head cuz of the title, LOL, but that's how I memorised the order of most common elements in the different spheres of the earth -- living matter: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, neon and calcium? I don't even remember anymore, wow. The exam was alright, but I know I got 1 1/2 marks off already! :( As an exam, though, it wasn't bad ..

I thought it was pretty cool how, before Tuesday, I'd been getting 90% and above for all the yearly exams I'd gotten back .. So my average would be something above 90%, right? But then no, I get my geography mark and it pulls my average down to just under 90. T__T 90 looks so much grander and prettier than 89.1! But that's only the beginning -- I'm sure I'm not going to get any more 90's. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. School cert is next week but I don't really feel like studying. Maybe I won't. But I probably would. Even if it's just a rushed cramming session at 2am in the morning, I still would.

OTHER NEWS: my Asos order came in! I heard Danica was buying off Forever 21, too .. I don't know if I'll get anything but ooh, I'll go check the site now .. I also found this really nice swimsuit off Asos which is going to be perfect for my swimsuit idea. :D I'm kinda getting into modifying clothing now. It's not much, but just small stuff like cutting jeans into cutoffs, shredding and cutting up shirts and studding shit like no tomorrow looks fun. I haven't cut up the dodgy Supre shirt that I bought, and I'd really want to have a print or something on the front, just so it's not so boring. I look awkward in just a black shirt. How sucky.

Fiji moulded bandeau bikini top (US$41.38) by Pour Moi

I was looking for something like this, but they ran out of my size on Asos! Sucks for having a body like this. :S But today at Livo, I found this really, really nice swimsuit which was pretty much the same thing, and included bottoms! It wasn't tagged though, but the sales assistant said that he was pretty sure it was $60. (He had nice piercings. I love barbells with silver balls for piercings. :3 Love, love, love.) But the smallest size was 8! I don't know if I'd fit it and the material had no structure or anything .. I really wish I fit it, though. :( I love it, oh my gosh!

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