Sticky like a stick

This weather is making my skin feel all gross and sticky. :( Yesterday's at Margaret's was so fun! I forgot to bring my camera out, though, and the CF card was full and the battery was dead .. :( But at least there were like 4 other cameras and we spent an hour+ after eating taking photos in Canley Heights. It was such a nice dinner, the weather was nice and cool without being too cold or humid. ^w^ I was out for pretty much the whole day and ended up sleeping before 12am. ONE OF THE FEW TIMES I'VE SLEPT BEFORE 12, IN THE PAST 10-ISH MONTHS. I was out since around 7:45am yesterday and got home at 9pm, and my legs were so tired from just being out all day. Tutor from 8:20am to 1pm; Livo for around 3 hours; getting ready at Yvy's for around an hour and a bit; Margaret's for 3 and a half hours. I can't wait to get photos off people though, and I'll upload onto Tumblr and Flickr. This Tumblr idea was kinda bad, though, but I'll see what I can do.

I realised that I'm going to be totally busy for around the next month! I still haven't bought a formal dress and I can't get shoes, a clutch and accessories if I don't have a dress! :'( I'm not even sure when I can go city or somewhere to seriously shop, either, since SC is coming up. A week after school cert exams is camp (4 days), and in the week after that, there's life saving with the year 7's (5 days) and year 10 graduation is on the Thursday in the week after! :O So I'm goin going to be super super busy, I hope I have time to find a dress, study and get a hot body! :( It's a bit embarrassing for me to say this, but when SC is over, I wanna get back into Maplestory. :$$

I bought a basic black shirt from Supre yesterday, since all they have is either basics or trash. I wanna cut up the back to make it into a backless shirt! :D (That's why I bought it, lol.) So hopefully I'll have time after I get up to page 10 in my dot points for PEAK chemistry (which is my goal for today), and I can cut some clothes up! ^w^

I feel so poor now -- I spent more than half the money I'd saved up, yesterday. :( That's not really a lot since I never have a lot of money and I'm the worst saver in the world, but yeah, I'm down to $30 now. :( DOESN'T STOP ME FROM LOOKING @ CLOTHES ONLINE.

Patent suede stilt boot ($69.95) by Mimi Loves Jimi\
Black zip wedges ($89.95) by Nu + Nan (all available @ General Pants Co.)

Rubi has re-stocked in the leather boot heels! I remember seeing them in store ages ago and they sold out in my size soo quickly. Not that I was going to buy them, anyway. I feel so immature/young/virgin (LOL I am the worst at explaining) when I go out with the group and the majority of people are wearing heels except for me. Or even if they're not wearing heels, they own heels. :( My parents don't let my wear heels, IREIRUUREKLWJRDS! >:0

I tried on two pairs of heels yesterday (leather boot heels and peep toe patent platforms) and they made my legs look so nice. :$ But I hate the peep toe part of peep toe heels on the pair I was trying on. But omg, they make my legs look so much longer, I soo wanna get the two pairs above from General Pants! :'( :'(

Faded logo tank in white ($49.94) by Wrangler
Cropped box tee ($39.95, two for $50) by Agent Ninety-Nine (all available @ General Pants Co.)

I don't even know where I'm heading in terms of what I wear. :I I don't buy clothes a lot cuz I'm the worst saver in the world, and because of that, all the clothes I buy make up different outfits of their own, not necessarily fitting into the same style category or anything. :( I'm looking for another pair of jeans to cut up into shorts, and I really, really like the ones Sophiea has, by Mink Pink! They're high-waisted, distressed/destroyed and have a nice colour. I found these really nice jeans that would've made nice shorts yesterday (high waisted, the colour I was looking for, everything) but it was a size 12S! That's double my size. :C They were so nice, though.

If anyone's looking for black skinny jeans, then there are Lee Riders, size 7S at Vinnies in Liverpool right now. I hate wearing jeans, gah. Q__Q

2 flower headband ($9.99) by Equip
Mon amour necklace ($7.95, was $16.95) and glam lock sling ($39.95) by Sportsgirl

Torn up deconstruct shorts ($99.95) by Levis
Never ever relaxed short ($89.95) by The Cassette Society
Cropped box tee ($39.95, two for $50) by Agent Ninety-Nine (all available @ General Pants Co.)

I wanna find shorts like these! Or jeans like that, to cut up and distress. Prefer them to be high-waisted, but I want a wash that looks like thissss. I've searched Salvo's in Canley Heights and Vinnies in Liverpool, but haven't found much. Gotta keep loooking!

Oh, today's Hallowe'en, I totally forgot. I never go trick or treating anyway, and no one I know is having a house party. :C

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