It was Genvin and Wendy's birthday yesterday! Happy birthday to the both of you, I hope you enjoyed every minute of your day. :3 Took a crapload of photos on the DLSR when I got home, since I was the only one who wasn't joining the massive crew of year 10s who were watching the 4:20 session for Harry Potter. IT CAME OUT YESTERDAY, I was so excited! :3 I watched it with Nick and Kitty, and I guess it was pretty cool, some parts were good but some parts weren't sad enough, etc. :I But it was maaddd, I got home at 11-something and Stephen and Lisa were over, and they were playing Pictionary with Genvin and Steph. :D They ended up staying over till 2-something. Lisa's soo pretty like wowwwww. D: I played iSketch with Blosia and Danica, but Genvin unplugged something from the computer while I was playing, then the computer froze and I didn't say bye. :o

I cleaned my room .. So now you can actually see my floor, completely. My room looks so empty now, but it's actually pretty cool, I like it like this but I can tell it's going to get messy. Really, really soon. And I brought home my stuff from art! Only the stuff I liked, anyway. I don't even like my crime box assignment thing anymore, I just took it home so I could take a photo of it. Must now recycle! And for my sketch, I only like the hair -- it doesn't actually look like me cuz the photo was mega photoshopped, LOL. And I covered my mouth, I messed that up.

I realised that my hair doesn't even look that good in the sketch, in terms of shading and stuff. Damn.

Art crime box assignment. I got so psyched about this assignment when I figured out the concept behind it and everything, but I executed it badly. :I

Surprisingly, I found that I had more Hello Kitty things in my room than I thought: lens cases, plush toy from caps by Mitchell and figurine from Vanessa.

From my sister's room, but I like this photo! :D These are just some fabrics I bought her from CF.

Today, me and Yvy bought new swimsuits! Both of us went for black, and I'm glad I finally got it. Even though it's just a basic triangle bikini, lolol. But it was still early-ish and we didn't have to go home yet, so we full spontaneously decided to go swimming at Whitlam centre, LOL. FULL SPONTANEOUS, cuz I was joking at first but the more we thought about it, it seemed alright and everything. So we were at Macarthur and caught the next train to Glenfield, then caught it to Livo and walked to the place.

Just walking through the entrance for cars, smelling that familiar smell of chlorinated water, walking past the car park .. Memories, man. I remember how I used to go Whitlam for squad training all the time, how it'd be summery and how my shadow would be an elongated figure on the golden sunshine path. I love Whitlam. Anyway, so me and Yvy went in, full excited and everthing, and we were the only girls there LOL. O__O But it was so cool, the adrenalin, the spontaneity of everything. Such a good, good day, except going swimming has totally reminded me of how unfit I am: I got tired after one lap of the fucking 25m pool. WTF, RIGHT. I also can't dive (still) but yeah, so embarrassing. I'm meant to be a lifesaving instructor! Training's on Monday, and I'm going to embarrass myself so badly in front of everyone. :'(

I also realised how fun everything has been lately, and how much crap I have coming up: yesterday was Harry Potter with Nick and Kitty, and Genvin and Wendy's birthday; today I bought a new swimsuit, found a potential candidate for formal dress (if I buy it, I'm going to have to get it tailored in and shorter), spontaneously decided to go swimming; Thang's/Grace's party is tomorrow, and I think I can stay for longer; Monday is life saving training and voting for formal sashes; Tuesday to Friday is camp; Monday to Friday the week after is life saving; Thursday in the week after that is formal! Everything's gonna be intense, I'm excited, guise! :3

This is for people who haven't actually seen my face properly before. Sideways means you can't see how tired I actually look.

What I wore to watch Harry Potter: the Deathly Hallows (part 1)! I uploaded this with smaller dimensions, so that's why it's so grainy. :(

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