No one better than you

Sleep deprivation. I haven't slept properly for almost the whole week, but camp was a good break from school. Even though I haven't been going to classes properly for around the past week and even so, classes don't involve work anymore. I didn't bring my camera on camp, but Mitchell has some pretty nice photos. :3

If I were to blog properly about camp, the way I used to a whole year ago, then almost everything I mention wouldn't sound half as good as they did at the time. A lot of the jokes were the 'you had to be there' kinda thing.

There were so many things I won't forget from this camp, and group D was the best. :D There was such a good atmosphere in our group, so much team spirit. :3 Even though the activities were tiring, the Cabin of No Sleep still went on and whoever slept first had to do a dare the next day. D&M's until the early hours of the morning; continuous support and encouragement from Macro Man and team Demacro; taking as much fruit, packets of cookies and butter portions we could hold; waking up at 5am to catch the sunrise; lying on the hill at nighttimes; recording the best videos in our cabin; getting told off by Ms Singh and Ms Fox-Coleman on multiple occasions before lights out; hanging around in short shorts, bikinis and midriff singlets; I Whip My Hair Back and Forth and Gee playing on repeat; meal orderlies; and rolling down the hill at night -- I love all you guise. :D I love our grade.

Last day, when we had Mini Olympics, there was this activity where the leader would kick a ball and someone would have to retrieve it and bring it back to him, except the person had a clean bin over their head so they couldn't see, and other members were supposed to help them by giving directions or however you want to help them. Every time I think back to when Yvy did this challenge, I actually laugh out loud. :$$$$ Which is kinda embarrassing, and it's one of the 'you had to be there' kinda thing. Like at English tutor today, I was just laughing and yeah, that's embarrassing, people would think I'm being a retard or something. u__u

Oh yeah, I had seconds for every meal that which you could actually get seconds for, LOL. Except for breakfast. Which was kinda cool, cuz most people prolly think I don't eat anything all day and that I'm like secretly dying of an eating disorder or something. And Wendy said people were cheering that I did? LOL. So suck that, bitches (even though I'm like really picky, LOL). >:D

I realised I haven't even blogged about Wendy's surprise party, last Sunday! We used up all the free memory on my camera and I didn't actually take most of the photos. I don't even know who took them, I just gave my camera to different people and they did whatever. Probably a better idea that they used the camera, since the quality of my photos are so tragically poor that it's a complete waste that I have an SLR to use. I need Photoshop.

Anyway, here are some photos from Wendy's surprise party last Sunday. :3

Don't know what's going on in this photo.

If only Eric wasn't blinking. :(

Danica really, really liked this photo. But I look like crap here. Wtvs kfine. :C

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