Why so studious?

Sorry I haven't been posting! :( This first week of exams have been stressful, but I know they're not worth it. The year 12's would say it's just just year 10, and I know it is. I also know that if I don't study, I'm not going to get anywhere and I'll fail all my exams = sad Genevieve. Also, good luck to all the year 12's for HSC! You'll all be fine, such a smart crew. :o As for year 10 exams, we've done 6 already -- so fast -- which is why I haven't been blogging much. Next week, we'll have around 4-5 exams (depends on how you wanna count it), and only 2-3 of them will act as our yearlies. I don't know anything, so I'm going to have to study my ass off. Well, not really because it's only year 10, right? Ugh, I don't know.

Playing Super Mario. God damn, I need to beat this score, and get Mario closer to the end of finishing the whole game!

If anyone was wondering, then as for the whole piercing plan thing I was all excited over, I didn't end up asking my parents. I know, I'm so stupid right? :C Full stressed over it and everything, trying to decide which piercing to ask for, stressing because I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to get because I'm not the brightest kid .. How embarrassing. Things were a bit awkward between my parents, before, so I didn't end up asking .. I still want a piercing -- something -- but I guess now's not the time? :(

So much stress. I don't even know if I'm going to get good marks. I got 74/80 for the maths exam, which was pretty cool cuz I thought I was going to get 6 wrong and I actually did. It calculates to 93.5% and I'm glad I got over 90%, but I didn't actually set a goal for myself so yeah, LOL. I should be happy, it was such a hard test! :o I realised that over the holidays, my room had changed a lot --

I put these up when I was feeling like a piece of balls and totally unmotivated to study or when I was just getting really stressed out. And I've been writing stuff in eyeliner or black pen on the back of my hand, like prove them wrong and keep going and stuff like that. :D

Om nom nom, my mum bought all these lollies for Genvin, because he said he felt like gummy lollies. I haven't had dinosaurs in ages, but orange lollies make my face feel hot with the citrus. :S

For a while, I collected the little tags you get when you buy bread, hoping I could make something art-y out of them. I hope I'll be able to use them, one day. And I'm still looking for one with my birthdate! :o Some of these are from a while ago, though, like 2004.

And my lovely UO shoes! I am so in love with these shoes, and I'm so so glad I decided to buy them! They're getting dirty, though. :'(! I've only worn them out a couple of times, and the soles are getting a bit scuffed. But that's because they were soo polished and shiny when I first bought them -- why would you want shiny soles, anyway? They're shoes, you're going to be walking in them. :I You can also see how messy my table is, my two boxes of Collon and my door (with all the photos on it). Oh, and part of my Rice wristband. :p

Oh, the Australian dollar has been rising and now we're almost the same as the US! :o We actually beat them and were higher than them for like a few hours this morning, at something like 1.0005 overnight, but dropped back down again at 3am. Point is: now is a really, really good time to go online shopping! :D

My birthday Pocky! Nick bought it for me ages ago, but I never opened it until this week, when I was dying for something sweet. I still have around half the pack left, cuz I keep it fresh by clipping the top with a bullclip so no air can get out. I like this photo.

And wow, I'm wearing black nail polish -- all black! I haven't done that in so long, you have no idea. :)

After Truong maths/before Truong English today, me, Wendy and Grace went to this Asian supermarket that I'd walked past so many times but never been into. Finally, I went in and what do I find? Cheaper (Australian) Pocky, Collon and green tea! Wtf man, I walked around the whole fricken Canley Heights area almost, once, looking for fricken jasmine green tea when I was on a lunch break once, and all along, they had it in the closest supermarket, for $1.70. TT And they have all this nice Pocky, like different flavours and stuff, and they had heaps of Collon! All for cheaper than you'd find it in Cabramatta (or the same). :o Must buy, must buy.

Oh! I totally forgot, but I finally bought this navy blazer from Salvo's. I'd been eyeing it since around 2 or 3 weeks ago, but only bought it today. It's a size 5/6 which is perfect, and I'd been wanting a navy blazer for aages. Only this blazer, it feels a bit boxy and it still has the shoulder pads in it. And I don't wanna take them out, because I'd have to rip into the inside lining and I'd probably not know what to do after I'd taken them out. Or, I could ask my aunt if she could take them out, and maybe sew it in for me a bit. I probably won't, though. :C And there was a shirt for sale, it would've been $4 but I forgot to buy it! But it was size 18, and even wearing it as an oversized overshirt would be a bit too much. :p

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