New shoes!

Dannis finally came over with my UO shoes! I was so excited when he came, I was just trying to play it cool and watch some Pokemon all casual and stuff so that when he came over it didn't look like I was just waiting for him. LOL, so he came over and he's like, I have your shoes, Genny and yeah, he takes the box out and was like, I opened them before cuz I wanted to smell them. LOL. They smell like Rubi, so gross and makes me want to die in a hole. He bought my sister Tim Tams since she wasn't getting anything, because he had brought Genvin a blazer and shoes for me.

I've wanted to get new shoes for so, so long! Especially since I lost my basic pair of canvas lace-ups. I don't even know how that could happen -- how can you lose a pair of shoes~~ T__T" And I love how these are white, I don't even have a pair of white shoes (until) right now and it totally sucks/sucked.

Still new in the box!

The angle's a bit weird and makes my leg look big. I just took this normally but rotated it upside down, so it looks like someone else took it, LOL.

Makes my toes look so pointy, but omg I love these shoes sooo much! I was wearing shorts when I tried these on, and I looked in the mirror in the bathroom and yay, they don't look weird or anything. :D

Few days ago, I was really stressed and I got really, really upset when I couldn't do this Truong homework and people were busy so I couldn't ask them. So I was making this sign for my room that was meant to say YOU CAN MAKE IT but I didn't finish. Fail right, I know. :I

Yay, pretty colours.

I bought these heart sequin things ages ago and I really wanna make something with them! Only I don't think I should be doing stuff like this. Not now, anyway.

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