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Exams are finally over! I don't know if I did too well and I know I got at least 1 wrong for maths. Funny how one mark wrong in maths is such a big deal -- I would kill to get only one wrong for science. But that's not gonna happen, it just doesn't work like that. :(

Went shopping with Danica after school today, and omg omg omg, thank you so much! :D:D I saw the shorts I wanted from Dotti, and they were on saleeee, size 6 and everything. :D I'm really skinny though, the waist part is a bit big for me. But aww, thanks so much Danica! :D Good luck for your job interview tomorroww. ^w^ Omg, Genvin bought gummy bears and I've been omnomnom-ing them, they're soo good. Merging flavours, omg so good LOL. Oh and my diet has been really crap lately -- all this junk food and I've skipped dinner twice in like two weeks. I never used to skip dinner, what iz dis. :(

Aw shit, I'm gonna have to delete some of my dumb photos off Flickr! Running out of space, only got space for 4 more photos before they start showing my 200 most recent. :S Okay, no worries, I just made a new Tumblr (genevievescamera) so I could upload all my photos! I don't think Tumblr would have a limit, but if it does then I'm screwed -- I can't just keep changing blogs, making new accounts and avoiding fees! :(

I'm going to miss my Flickr account, it's pretty much no use to me. Unless I keep uploading, but I don't know if my old photos are going to come up on my blog posts anymore. Oh well, risks! Oh wait, dammit I just checked some things on Flickr and it says that photos will still appear on my blog, but they're not going to be displayed on my photostream .. Okay stress less, I've decided to use the Tumblr I just created for all my photos (which appear as slideshows, which is a bit gay, I didn't want that) and my Flickr. I guess my Tumblr would just be used as a more personal kinda thing, where I can just keep all my photos in case some get lost. It's a bit pointless, since it's just stuff that's on my blog but without the words, but I hope this blog doesn't lose popularity. Oh, I'll post more photos on my Tumblr than Blogspot then, I guess. Like here I only have 5 photos from the photos I took today, but Tumblr has like 7 or something. Yay, I have a plan! :D:D

The colour of these shorts are so cuteeee. *w* And the colour can either make my legs look more tanned and golden, or make them look a bit paler. Either way, this colour is nice and it works.

I dug up this bracelet I bought from 南天寺 in Wollongong (I think) from yeears ago. This bracelet's actually a bit small for me now, but I'm lucky it's elastic. One of the beads are broken cuz I think I fell down ages ago and accidentally chipped one like a lot. :S I really like the colour though, I really like pink now! ^w^

Photo's blurry but I like it. But my eyes look a bit weird I reckon, maybe like too close together or something, I don't know, LOL. My nail polish is chippinggg, you can even see the nail that has no polish on it cuz I chipped it all off last night. :$$ I don't post a lot of photos where you can see my face ..

I think this photo would've been a lot better if my nail polish wasn't chipped, if you couldn't see my ugly finger which has a fucked up shape because of the way I hold my pen when I write and if the clutch wasn't so boring. I just like it cuz there's a defined foreground/background kinda thing. :I

Anyway, that's all for now and it's taken me so long to write this post since I had to have dinner half way. Maybe having my new Tumblr will encourage me to go on Tumblr more often! :P And oh my gosh, I checked my followers on Twitter today and realised that I'm being followed by Kani from K is for Kani? SO COOL. AND SHE'S FOLLOWING ME ON TUMBLR AS WELL! But I don't post anything. :'( She's so pretty and dresses so nicely. Love, love, love her Lookbook -- I've hyped pretty much every single look. :$$$$

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