Year 12 Graduation 2010

I took this photo on Country Fair, and I really like the colours of this.
Don't think I've uploaded this on my blog, cuz I didn't see it on my Flickr.

The year 12s graduated today. I don't know, but I'm going to miss them a lot. Even though I don't talk to them that much, even though I really just check out all of them *cuz that's what I do a lot*, I'm going to miss them a lot. It'll be so weird to take the bus myself, not have Bob and Genvin at the station after school, to have that one part of the main quad and some parts of the donut quad empty. :o I'm going to miss them.

The year 12 final assembly looked so .. empty. :o It was only year 9, 10, 12, parents and some year 11's. That's so slack if they're only going to have some of the grades attend the final assembly. I would totally want the crappy year 7s and 8s to come to my final assembly, even if I don't know them or anything. :o It just felt so much shorter and not as 'much', this year. I don't know why. :( But oh yeah, no more A2N dances. :o I liked them, LOL. And someone told me they were learning the dance for Lucifer, PSHH, let me down! :(

Muck-up day was two days ago, but not much happened, tbh. They all looked like they were having so much fun though, and the girls look so much nicer in the boy's uniform than the guys do. :o In English, we asked Ms Smith about what she did for her muck-up, and she is so badass as a student. Full did well in her equivalent of a HSC, but for muck-up, they hired a fog machine and fogged the classrooms and school; they stuck all the doors together with a rope so that you could only open one door at a time; they filled one of the smaller classrooms completely (like ceiling to floor) with balloons and kept putting more in when people were taking them out; they put a 'For Sale' sign on the school; and they stole a monumental statue from one of the other, nearby school. She is so cool. :o Boarder-daygo match was yesterday, and the match was so short, only 40 minutes? And whoa, daygo's won? LOL. 8-10. :D

Ooh, today's 7-11 dollar day. Ugh, why do I always miss it. :(

Udit topped 4 fucking subjects: bio, physics and both extension 1 and 2 maths. Why is he so good, cuz I know he's good at sports and shit, too. So I told Nick this, and he told me about Angela Chao and how she was good at everything, and I found out that she was good at cross country and sporting stuff as well? Please, I don't wanna know anymore. :( How come people like that are so fucking smart + sporty + social, LOL. TT" I wanna be like that one day. I hope I become prefect in year 12, but I don't actually do shit for the school. :$

And oh my gosh gosh gosh, I totally want a conch piercing! I mentioned it on the bus today, and apparently I've been mentioning it every day (says Yvy, LOL). I didn't even realise. :I But I really want one, omg. And I really want a snug piercing, and maybe a rook piercing. But as if my parents, who opposed getting lobes pierced, would let. Unless I strike up some crazy-ass deal with them, like if I get good marks then they'll let. I do not know. :I

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