During the car ride home from Truong, I felt motivated to study and everything. I wasn't even hungry or planning to eat when I got home. In the car, I was thinking about all the work I should do when I get home, and how happy I'll be at the end of the day because I'd done so much work and that I'd be working ahead for the yearly exams. But instead, I got home, blogged and went on Twitter. Then, when I planned to study, I went to my room and sat on the bed, looked at my walls, decided to rearrange the photos on my walls (I was sick of it after 2 weeks of having them up), took too long doing that, then rearranged my fairy lights and now it's all bunched up on my wall. I like how my fairy lights look. :D And I want to print more photos, because all the photos I have on my wall seem so boring now. Just the same few events, I don't know, but I need to print more photos. :p And I will, next time there are 10c prints.

When I got back to the computer, I've just been on Twitter, Lookbook, caught up on my stalk victims on Tumblr and then decided to check out Emily Fitch/Kathryn Prescott's piercings. I've finally been watching Skins season 4, and I love love love her piercings. :D Snug and rook are so niceeee.

For the people that don't know, I actually leave my closet doors open. Well, just one of them. And then I sit behind the door and that's where I stick all my exam notifications and small things that don't have any other place to be. And I like sculpting stuff out of wireee. :D

I'm still kinda sick of my walls, tbh. I'm sick of how my room looks. A few weeks ago (it could've been a few days ago but even yesterday feels like a long time ago :0) I wish I had heaps of money, so I could buy all this crap for my room:

1 A couch
Ages ago, though, I was in Harvey Norman and we were just exploring the display rooms and children's beds and stuff, and when we were walking past the couches, I didn't see any I really liked. I want a couch that has a floral/vintage pattern on it; curved arms and back; raised off the floor; and the arms should bend out. Like the one in the picture, except not white and I don't like how it's got clothes on. LOL. I can't think of the right word, but like by clothes I mean .. couch cover? I don't even know what they're called. But I want to be able to see the feet of my couch. I don't want a leather one, either. And shit, I just realised I think my family friend might have a couch which is almost exactly like the one I'm describing. Faded floral pattern, curved/rounded arms and back, the arms bend out and it's raised off the floor. I don't know what they're going to do with it, but shit, I really want it. :0!!

2 Moar fairy lights
I only have a chain of 10 lights right now (thanks Wendy + Michelle!) and they're really nice, but what I can do with them is a bit limited. Before I rearranged them today, they were spread out along one of my walls. Now, they're bunched up and it's nice, but I wish I had more. I tried looking them up in Ikea (online) just before, but they have new stock so I don't know if they have fairy lights anymore. :( The photo's a bit grainyyyyy.

3 A bookshelf
I actually really need a bookshelf; all my books are just everywhere. On the floor, on top of my drawers, on my bedside table, everywhere. I don't even have that many books, but I'd just use it for all my crap.

This post sucked. Sorry. :(

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