Giant annoying bangs and pain in the ass who makes me want to die. That's how crap I feel. Not the giant annoying bangs part but yeah. :I So like I just went to Truong and English with my new classes and oh my gosh, it was so bad. :( I don't respond to In, and Sir's full calling me and I don't even know. And then I was full like stuttering and now everyone thinks I'm dumb. :( Stupid A class, why is everyone so smart. This is gonna be like kinda hard, and I'm confused already about the inequality question. Ugh, I hate this. English was alright, but with the writing task, I probs wrote less than 100 words, so the teacher's gonna think I'm dumb now. But I said I was bad at thinking of stuff on the spot, so maybe she'll be like, Oh okay, that's true, she didn't even write 100 words and she crossed out heaps of stuff, she knows where she's crap at English. So yeah. :I

I also decided to tag my blogs with random stuff as well, like what people do on Tumblr. LOL.

I went to Access youth group last night. It was intense. :s And I guess I'm like just more confused about things now. It was fun in the car ride home though. :p And after Nick arrived at my house, he came in and we just sat in the kitchen and ate all this stuff. I love pasta salad.

I picked up the new catalogue from Dotti and I really like the shorts that the model is wearing on the cover, and one of the skirts there. Too bad I owe Grace like $9 and owe Quoc US$40. And I owe my mum like $25 or $20. Ughh.

I remember how Miss Dang said that she used to read our blogs. I wonder if she still does. We saw her today. :p But oh gosh, I'm so screwed for Truong.

SO CUTE. I wish I could make the cupcakes and things she does.

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