How is it possible?

Contrasting to Vanessa's most recent post on her Tumblr, I'm looking forward to summer. For me, winter's a bitch and jeans can suck my balls. They're not too bad, but I just see summer as so much better. It's so cold in winter, and I hate having to wear like 4 layers only to be moderately warm, and walking around with cold feet. :( But summer's so much nicer, the photos are brighter and happier, it's warmer, I can wear shorts and singlets, I don't have to worry about being cold, it gets darker later and everything's happier.

Anyway, everyone's going out tonight to either Angela's or watching Despicable Me in 3D with their Truong class. And I'm the only one chilling out here, wearing a sleeping bag (cuz like yeah, that's how I roll at home, LOL) and trying to type up science notes on my DET laptop. I planned this weekend to be my study weekend, and even made a sticky note on my laptop that said STUDY WEEKEND - STUDY WEEKEND - STUDY WEEKEND over and over again, LOL. I should probably be doing better things, like starting my commerce assignment (due Friday) or my PE scrapbook (due next Friday) or typing up study notes. I haven't even gotten the notification for the PE assignment, to be honest. I haven't even seen it. My teacher's never here and we've just been having subs who say they'll leave a note for the next teacher, but don't. :I So that really sucks, maybe I should look at someone else's, soon.

I don't really feel like studying right now. Only my parents are home with me right now, so this whole back area of the house is pretty quiet. Lately, I've been getting really tired. Or getting tired earlier. On Thursday, I couldn't even stay awake on the bus ride home, even though I had a Red Bull shot at around 12pm and was drinking a can of V at the time. I fell asleep at around 11:something yesterday so I didn't end up doing my English review questions until today. Everything's been so crappy since that time when I stayed up really late doing English, and really late doing geography.

Things that make it really inconvenient for me when I try to study: I can't study with any distractions, so I can't concentrate when I'm listening to music; on Twitter, Formspring, Blogger, Tumblr, Youtube, stalking someone, looking at stuff online or MSN; someone else is listening to music or watching something on TV or computer; I'm on the phone (even if no one's talking); I'm eating or drinking anything. So that's why I always end up staying up really late doing assignments, cuz I guess it's just quietest then and I don't have any distractions. Another thing is that since I always shower in the morning on school days, if I don't do it on weekends or other days then my body clock is usually messed up for the rest of the day. Like today, I showered at like 3pm and I only started for realz studying at 5pm and I didn't even last an hour before I went on Blogger. :I

Oh yeah, I was eating a rainbow belt before and now my jaw hurts.

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