Steph's 22nd, a Day @UNSW, wishlist

It was my sister's birthday yesterday! And it'd been such a long time since I bought a present and wrapped it, I'd totally forgotten how much fun it was wrapping presents. :( I really liked the wrapping I did for my sister's present yesterday, though. By far the best wrapping I've doneeee. :D I don't have a clear picture of the whole present, though .. Well I do, but I don't like it and can't be bothered editing the lighting. But I really liked the wrapping for it, LOL. ^^ She went out for dinner though, and when she got home, I was asleep. I woke up again at 12:15am and said happy birthday! when she was in her room. But still, I missed out by a few minutes. :( But I sent her a text! >:D

Today was a day @UNSW, and it was pretty fun. I'm dead tired though, even though I had a Red Bull shot and a can of V. :( It was so, so pretty there! I wish I brought my camera, farout, I knew I should've! I always think, Oh maybe I should bring my camera, but I don't and then regret it. I just walked into the couch, and now my leg hurts.

I haven't made a wishlist in a while. I wish I had a nice body. Why am I so flat LOL. :( I don't exactly have money that I can just spend on myself right now, too, and I realised that even if I spent all the money I get from now till camp for more clothes .. Well, it's not gonna be a good idea, cuz I have important presents for December. :p Yay, my mum made me chicken noodles.

Warm weather should be coming up! I realised that I probably wear the same thing a lot, for the whole year. Which kinda sucks, like, I know that I always wear the same thing, but oh well. Maybe I'll get more clothes sometime. But I know that in summer especially, always just wear shorts and a singlet. :(

Lee Acid crop ($49.95)
Lee Derby crop tee ($49.95)
Cheap Monday Bruce skull tee ($45.00)

Stussy White hula shorts ($59.95)
Miss Brown Floral culottes ($39.95)
Lee Abbey crop tank ($49.95)

Don't Ask Amanda Ruffle elastic skirt ($79.95)
Dotti I heart short shorts ($49.95)
Dotti Contrast bow belt short ($49.95)

Dotti I heart skort ($49.95)
Dotti Tie front crop stripe tee ($29.95)
Dotti Lazer loop elastic waist pencil skirt ($59.95)

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