Think, be alive

I guess I've kinda been stressing a little over English portfolio and the geography report. English was due yesterday, and geography was due today. I've been sleeping at past 2:30am for the past two days and haven't napped or anything during the day. But Nick got me a Red Bull shot on Monday, so I guess that helped. :p At least I got all my work done, except for geo, but I just need to write around two more points. And I've written more than two thousand words for it, so wow, pretty mad. :D

Happy birthday, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Mariel and Julia! On Saturday, I went out for Jacqueline and Jennifer's birthday. It seems like a long time ago, but it was really fun and I haven't seen them all in so long. :( It was a really good day, though, especially dinner! Cuz everyone was together, and Nick was invited too. :p We ate at Gemelles, which is this Italian restaurant in Liverpool. It was so nice, oh my gosh, I just got some pasta cuz that's what I felt like, but I had a bit of Nick's crumbed fish and .. Yeah I make it sound dodgy but it's a really nice restaurant, the dishes had pretty presentation and the customer service was good. And we shared a creme brulee with almond biscotti, it was so so good, omg, I love creme brulee. I have to get a blowtorch one day. :p After that, we (Sophia T, Jennie, Jennifer, me and Nick) drove in Nick's car to Livo Westfields to watch Going The Distance, and Jacqueline was coming later after they'd dropped Edward off. But it was a good movie and I got home a bit late but I don't think my parents really mind or not .. It was a good day. :D I love them so much, oh gosh.

Genvin got a free 3D magazine from UNSW Open Day, or something. I thought it was cool that they made these old-style 3D glasses, but when I wore them, my eyes were so fucked up, it was so annoying.

On Father's Day, we planned a BBQ for dinner even though it was 3pm already, but we got everything done in the end. It was a nice family dinner on the glass table outdoors, and we had like heaps of seafood. And after dinner I was really happy and was dancing around. LOL.

I think I'll do extension English next year as well .. But I hate writing short stories, and my gothic one is going to be fucked in the head, in the bad way. Okay, I should be studying for PEAK now, bye!

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