Add red food colouring

It'd be so cool if I was one of those people who were really good at cooking. I don't know, but I was just thinking today, what would I bring to Interact if I joined. The only store that I think I'd be interested in running is probably just a cupcake stall, or cookie stall, or something boring like that. But wouldn't it be so cool if I could make cupcakes like the ones from Cupcakes On Pitt? Not in how they taste, cuz no offence but they taste like crap, but it'd be so cool if I could pipe the icing the way they do and make really pretty cupcakes. If I could do that, then I'd totally join Interact, make really good cupcakes with pretty frosting and we'd make so much money cuz people would buy them, cuz they look cute. :D LOL.

Anyway, I made these cupcakes on Sunday because I was bored of cleaning up my room. My first batch only had around 5 cupcakes, cuz I just wanted to see how they'd turn out in different patty cases. But it was good that I had a test batch, cuz those ones ended up tasting egg-y and kinda bad. So I added some sugar and more vanilla, and it got better. In the end, they were still a little egg-y but good enough. Such a fail batch, they've always turned out perfect every other time I made them. Only this time I just margarine, not butter? I don't know. But to cover up the egg-y taste, I frosted them with vanilla icing. But the icing looked so boring as an offwhite, so I added a drop of red food colouring and yay, pink icing! :9 And just so you know, I used a spoon to ice them, lol.

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