Liza's surprise party, Country Fair and Mitchell's 16th at My Thuan

Today was such a perfect, perfect day! I really had heaps of fun, and the weather was so nice! Even though it might be kinda slack to say so, I'm glad Genvin forgot to get the Canon off me, cuz I had it for the whole day and it was so good. :D I'm so glad I even brought a camera at all. I even had Nick's camera, but it ran out of battery. I can't upload any photos today because Flickr says I've gone over my limit for this month, which really, really sucks.

Oh, happy birthday William!

I had to work at the White Elephant store thing and my shift was from 8-10am, so it was pretty good because there wasn't much to do, and when you 'help', you just look around at stuff that you want as well and hold onto it until your shift is over. I bought some books and fabric for my sister and a book for Vivian. And it was all for so cheap! I got like 4 books and 4 pieces of fabric for $5. :D! So good. It was kinda cold in the morning, but I like what I wore, LOL. High-waisted shorts ftw (never thought I'd say ftw ever again LOL), they make my legs look longer! LOL.

Liza's surprise party was so good! Even though heaps of things didn't go according to plan, like how Liza found us when I'm not sure if she was meant to, how we only found out that we couldn't get pizza and had to get other hot food instead, that we had to improvise where we would set up .. It still turned out really good. Our decorations were so nice, especially when they were blowing in the wind! The lighting was pretty nice at that time, too, cuz there was a nice blue sky and the whole set up looked so happy. And the photos Eric took for our group turned out really well, the colours were nice and the photo was clear. And he took a lot, so that was really good! ^^ I really can't wait until it's September and I can upload more photos .. And I'm not going to upload from Photobucket, lol. But Liza's party was so good, even though it was windy and stuff. We had fish and chips with more hot chips, other chips, drinks (not really, we just had one bottle) and a really pretty cake! The streamers were white and two shades of purple, and the balloons that were tied to the streamers were a pearly white. It was really, really pretty. I hope you had a good time, Liza Chao! Cuz I thought it was a really good party, and especially how you didn't expect it. Love you, Liza. :D!

Getting ready for Chao's party.

So pretty in the wind! :D Full had a theme of purples and white, too.

I like this photo of Vanessa. :p Danica tried doing this but yeah it wasn't the same, HAHA.

The cake we bought for Liza, from TCM. There was so much cream, but this is probs the best cake we've ever had for our parties.

Ngaaw, Liza you looked so happy here, so I just had to upload. :D


Aw, Yvy, you're so happy. And lol you're full holding the cake in your hands.

Vivian getting wrapped up in the streamers and balloons.

Grace looks so cute here! Such a happy photo. :D

Margaret's such a cutie. :D

Love, love, love this photo!

Our group is so big now. Looks so big in these photos, especially.

We look so casual, no one's looking at the cameraaaa.

I love our group. :)

When Jacqueline and Lisa tried popping our last balloon.

Wendy, Margaret and Chungy performed today! And so did Danica, Troy and Jenny. And by the way, to Wendy: I asked Genvin what he thought of you, Margaret and Alvin, and he said that it should be just you and that Margaret/Chungy didn't have to be there. I thought you guys were really good, all of you. :p It was a bit slack how Troy, Jenny and Danica ran out of time, though. :o I love you guys, though! LOL. And Wendy and Eric, so cute. And I got a photo of you two, only you don't look like a couple so okay. ;p

Jess Verwey's year 12 work. I really liked this work, and there was one guy that looked like Dumbledore but I didn't get aphoto! :(

For Country Fair .. After the party, I think I hung around with Nick for most of the time. We just walked around and went to the art exhibition! Jess Verwey's was really good. And I heard I actually got votes this year? Yay! Lol nah, I got like 3 last year, f yeah :I And William's Syd Girl's friend reads my blog? How nice! And if she reads this then Aww, thank you! :D So me and Nick hung around, walked around, bought jelly, ate food, sat around .. It doesn't sound like much, but it was really fun. And we saw Sunny and some of the 2009 kids, yay. I didn't really buy other stuff, like rings or whatever at the other stores besides White Elephant and the food stores.

Country Fair wasn't actually too good. Not full good. Like the actual fair part, not the friends part. CF isn't really ever that good, LOL, so yeah. Me and Nick left at around .. 2:30? Back to Padstow, and I watched Saw IV. It wasn't .. too gore-y and bloody and gross, I guess. I didn't even get some parts cuz I've only watched Saw II, so I don't really know the story .. But it was alright, yeah? Yeah. :D Nick was going to drive me to My Thuan, cuz he had a party to go to in Bonny. So we left the house at around 5:45pm, and sang Gee on the way. Cuz I'm 'teaching' him which parts to do, like background parts and yeah, we were just singing in the car. :D Have to learn other songs, or more of Gee. :p Oh, and at his house, were were watching this show with Masuda from NEWS and this other guy in it, and he's so cute. And he's pretending to be a wife, LOL. :D

I got to My Thuan a little late, and all the good seats were taken! So I was closer to the entrance, but I had Sophiea and I sat with Alex, Carissa, Israaq, Sophiea, Manisay and Annie. It was pretty cool, and me, Soph and Carissa started the Easyway trend, fuck yeah. HAHA. But it was so bad, cuz when I got my meal, it was really hot and I was really hungry, so I bit into the chunk of cauliflower and like .. had the whole thing in my mouth and it was fucking BURNING, IREIUORPEUWROPEUWRIEWU, KILLED MY TONGUE, IT'S FULL BURNT NOW LOL. :'( But we just talked, I wish I got a pho, and Sophiea was eating her pho so fucked up, LOL. I've got photos from it. Mitchell got Remember by Big Bang on CD. IT WAS SOOO COOL.

Madass photo, I didn't even edit this. :D

Easyway trend. >:D Thanks Sophiea! Lychee blended ice tea with rainbow jelly. :9

We put the candles in the wrong way .. LOL.

Aw, she holds her chopsticks so cute.

Aww Anh, you're so cute with your ramen and jelly! :D

So cute! His Big Bang CD was so pretty, too, I want one. :(

HE GOT STICKERS! AND BIG BANG LOOK SO, SO CUTE HERE. (And yeah I realised that I called a lot of people/things cute in this post ..)

Pretty much everyone that came, minus like 3 people.

But we actually had a lot of people, and took up one whole side of the restaurant. We had 3 or 4 tables, full. When we sang happy birthday, it was so loud but so good. :) And even when we sang happy birthday for Liza, Nick said he could hear it from ages away, how good is that. :D

Happy birthday, Mitchell! I hope you had a good party, and I hope you're feeling way happy right now. I have some photos of you with your Big Bang CD, and some from your party. I had fun, thanks for the party! AND I HOPE YOU LIKED BAD GIRL THAT WE PERFORMED (A BIT) FOR YOU! :D!

Sorry how this post is really unstructured; I keep remembering all this crap that happened at different times. :( I took more than 100 photos today, and I'm not sure how big each of the files are .. But they're look like 2-5MB, which is pretty big, since the ones I usually take around the house are around 2-3MB. Oh, I might do a post about what I wore today, keke. And Sophiea and Lisa liked my shorts, yay! :D I'm so glad they look legit, LOL. :D And I love how they're high-waisted; first high-waisted shorts ever, I think. :)

Oh, and Grace! I need to get the photos you took on your camera of me and I think Vanessa, at Liza's party!

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