Talent quest and short shorts

Crap, lost the source.

Talent Quest today was so good! So many good acts, and I didn't know so many people in our grade could dance so well! I kinda regret not doing stuff, even though I have no idea what I'd do anyway. I was actually considering learning *a song* for TQ but then I'm like, Okay nah. :p But I kinda wish I did .. I wish I brought my camera today! I was so, so tempted to last night, but then decided not to. It was mufti day as well, so everyone was wearing whatever.

Last night, I asked Genvin if he was going to bring the Canon to CF and stuff, cuz I really wanted to bring it to CF and to Mitchell's party. And he just said, no, that he was bringing it. GAHH. I was so annoyed at the time, but okay, whatever. So I said that I didn't like using Dad's Nikon cuz it's effing crazy, so he was like, What's wrong with it? and said that if he could figure out how it worked then he'd bring it and I could bring the Canon. He was fiddling around with the Nikon before, and nothing's really wrong with it, it's just that it's harder to take a nice photo with it cuz the lense is a lot bigger and different to the Canon. So I don't know, but I really, really hope I can bring the Canon. The Nikon is so much heavier and I'm not used to it and ughh, whatever. :( This makes me wish I had my own Canon. Like Eugene's stupid fucking 550D, which is apparently DSLR camera of the year. Puh-lease, the year hasn't even ended. :( LOL.

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