Winter's almost over

The weather's been clearing up really nicely and it's so sunny again! Full warm and nice in the sunshine, I don't even have to wear a jumper at school. I don't know, but since the new weather, things at school seem so much more fun and happy, LOL. We were hoeing our fields to plant potatoes and it was so sunny and it got really hot, but to make things seem not as bad, we decided to sing Disney songs like A Whole New World and I'll Make A Man Out Of You, LOL. It was really good, keke. Everything is so much more fun at school, though, now. I don't know why. But in art today, we finally got up to making our sticky tape statue things, so Grace and Christie were wrapping my arm in sticking tape and they did it SO TIGHT LOL, my arm was like fricken sweating HAHA. But it's really fun, yay, so I hope we can get them done soon. And hopefully our one looks good, keke.

OMG, yesterday, Yvy gave me Pokemon Emerald so I could play it on my laptop and omgsh it's like my new addiction game kinda. I played it for 10 hours and ended up sleeping at 2:20am. I was playing it for like half of the periods during school today and I played it at recess. I love this, HAHA. Today was closed weekend, so early finish anyway, work wasn't even important. I went to Sushi Bay after school with Nick today. I should've gotten ice cream. I knew it. Okay, I should get it tomorrow, for sure! :D

The other day, Nick bought me a bento box! I full wanted one from ages ago so I'm really happy he got me one, but I'm kinda scared it'll get messed up in my bag and stuff. :C But um, it's blue and it's got two layers, and it's like a rounded shape and Idk, I really like it, I'll take photos of it soon! :D It's so small though, but omgsh I love it so much, keke. :D

RICE Rally tomorrow! I got Joki's photos from RICE during art, so I should upload photos from that soon. But I took heaps of photos (not really) while I still had Danica's mum's blazer, HAHA. But it's such a nice blazer, omgsh I so want it, lol. :C

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