RICE Fever and Christie's 16th (52)

- Sorry, no photos, my internet is really, really slow for some reason -

Yesterday was such a good day! Especially RICE. I love RICE, going there makes me want to hug all my friends, no jokes. :D For today, happy birthday Thai and Nikkida! I wrote everything down on my phone about RICE so I wouldn't forget, but I can't really be bothered typing too much about it so yeah. But RICE was really good, I love love love it and really want to go RICE Rally. :D

RICE Fever: Avi, Nibraas, Kenny, Lawrence, Joki, Katherine, Alex, Danica Hyunh, Amanda Ramos, Jenny, Nathan, Alvin Yappy, Kyleen and Lisa Nguyen. Oh, on the train, we saw this guy who looked so much like the old man in Up, and there was this group of mid-20's and this girl had a really pretty dress and nice legs, and when they got off, Danica was like, I like your dress, and the guy (or like boyfr or something) was like, But I'm not wearing a dress. :p When we got to Olympic Park, we went to Maccas first, cuz apparently once we got into RICE, we weren't going to be allowed out unless we were going home/not allowed to go out and then back in. We saw Margaret's brother and Linda Quan's brother, LOL, and we got a photo with them. And I saw Margaret's brother again, at Christie's. The waterworks/fountains weren't on this year! Idk why, but they were so fun last year but I guess I would've been freezing if they were on. :p

Got to RICE. Saw Justice Crew and they're good? Keke. :D Olympic Park is soo quiet and peaceful and pretty there, omgsh, full have to go there one day and like, Idk, hang around and have a picnic or something LOL. BUT IT'S SO PRETTY, SERIOUSLY. :D I still have my RICE ticket, too.

Fricken Hurricane was so bad. It's just one of the rides that are like .. You're in a plane kinda thing and you just go round and round in circles and you go higher and higher and stuff, Idk it's hard to describe and I cbb finding a photo from people's FB's but yeah, I'll upload photos sometime (but they're just other people's photos). But yeah we went on that and I was with Kenny, Jenny and Nibraas and it was soo crazy, gravity was so crazy there and I was holding the bar soo tight and my hands got like sweaty. :C LOL. And Nibraas was soo casual, he just turns around and he's like, You guys alright? LOL. TT

There was this jumping castle thing and you had to race your friend/someone else and I had to verse this random and he looked like 18 or something and yeah he beat me by a bit LOL but I hit my head like .. straight into this part of the jumping castle. Like, charged and hit my head kinda thing. And there was this girl who saw the whole thing. LOL. SO EMBARRASSING. :(

Oh and there were these signs that were like, What's wrong with the world; What percentage of abuse do you think is child abuse; and stuff like that, and you just write your own answers, and someone write, Justin Bieber under the 'What's wrong with the world' one LOL.

Everyone at RICE is like .. Friends. Cuz we started talking to this random cuz he had an iPhone 4 LOL, they're soo pretty, but it was really cool cuz they're just so nice and stuff. :D And there was this game called like The Contagious Plague and it's just you have teams and you have to protect a toy, but people from outside are chucking balls and like .. You can't see them cuz there's a cloth around it and it's kinda like dodgeball but vertical. And if your toy gets hit then you're all out. It was so fun but I was like 2nd to get out LOL. And there was this game where you had to go through this obstacle course and at some point there are people holding swimming noodles and they hit you and so Lawrence took it, and he hit Lisa while she was doing it so she took it off him and chased him with it LOL. And there was human Pacman! Looked so fun. :C

AND THERE WAS THIS GIRL IN A PIKACHU KIGURIMI SUIT THINGO AND YEAH, SO CUTE. Got a photo with her. But she's such a cutie, man, seriously. Wish I was like her. LOL.

After the talk, I bought a wristband and Lawrence took me to RICE cafe. (.. Thanks Lawrence. Cuz I didn't ask you to take me but yeah you did. I'm not annoyed that you did. Js.) The girl I talked to was so nice! And it got awkward after a while cuz we like 'finished' talking so I just talked to her about what school she went to and stuff, LOL, and she let me check train times on her iPhone and stuff, so nice. But after RICE Cafe, we went out (and yeah, you can't go back in) and we found the others and spent the rest of the time taking photos. And the photos were pretty nice, but I wish we had a better camera cuz like .. I hate it when you take photos and because the lighting's bad and everything's like white and .. Idk, but I hate it, LOL. I had to leave early though, and I said my train was coming in 5 minutes and Avi's like, You're not gonna make it but I HAD TO MAKE IT LOL so I had to get a group hug instead of individual hugs :( and I had to run all the way to the station and I ran the wrong way, a bit, LOL, but they were like, YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY. But I made the train in time, like 20 seconds before it left kinda thing. :D

Got to Cabra at 5:20pm but had to walk to Commonwealth but I told Jacquie and stuff that I'd be there at 5:20, so I had to walk/run and yeah, made it in time.

Christie's was pretty fun but I had watermelon at the end which fucked up my stomach LOL. LIZA LOOKED SO GOOD. Everyone looked good. I liked Tracey's blazer. There was this guy who was like fricken pedo or something and he pretended he was taking luvo's kinda but it was full like directed at us kinda thing. SO fucked up. Um, yeah, oh, I borrowed Danica's mum's blazer and yeah I really really like it now. WISH I HAD IT LOL. >:D Um .. Christie's cake was beautiful. :I LOL. I ALSO LOST MY USB BRACELET FROM RICE, ON THE TRAIN OR SOMETHING? I HAVE NO IDEA BUT I'M SO SAD THAT I LOST IT LOL.


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