Hmm, this post isn't really about anything in particular. I was just thinking, before, that I should probably use my Twitter. I haven't posted anything on it since like 3 months ago or something and I know that I can't be bothered to activate it and use it a lot (even though I never did), again .. But sometimes I just think about stupid crap that I could put on my blog but it's just stupid stuff that'd be like 3 sentences long, max. LOL.

Oh my gosh, I just found this girl who has really pretty circle lenses. They're grey, but they look so much nicer than the GEO ones and the black edge around hers is thinner. Wtf she's so pretty and her boobs look friggen huge. Js, LOL. And she's taken. But omg she's soo pretty, and her legs are long and pale, and her contacts are nice, her hair's nice, her skin's nice, her clothes are cute. And her face is so pretty and cute. And does she have a tragus piercing? And helix? Farout, why is she so fucking pretty and badass for. FML. Ugh, I hate people like that. Me and Yvy were just talking about it today, but oh my gosh, so jealous of people who are hot and smart and party. Like seriously, FML. :C


/rant Kk time to do some maths.

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