But I'm still breathing 8.50

Liza Chao's birthday today! Jacquie made this cute cake for her, and Wendy bought ice creams! :D It was a pretty cool party .. But lately, I've been trying to cut down on sugar and it's totally not working. The 'Butter and Menthol' sold at the school is 81% sugar! It doesn't even taste like butter, it's just sweet + menthol! :C Anyway, it's been hard to cut down on sugars when Christie's birthday was 2 days ago, I had pizza + Coke last night and Liza's birthday was today. I sound like such a junkie, with the pizza and Coke part. :C But Stephen and his mum were over for dinner, and his mum brought pizza over, it was good. I weighed myself a few days ago, too. Currently at 45.8kg.

.. There were these two year 11's that tried to steal our Happy Birthday banner, but we caught them. How embarrassing. :I

I didn't mention, but yesterday, me and Vanessa presented our ag assignment -- the presentation one on sustainable farming. :D It was so fun, lol, and I stayed up till 3:20am just drawing the pictures. I hate it when I do presentations or anything like that (like our English Macbeth assessment) and all the photos are inconsistent -- some landscape, some portrait, all different dimensions and all the photos are completely different. Like seriously, even though it'll take a long time and I'll more than likely stay up to 3am, I still prefer drawing my own pictures and stuff. So I drew the pictures in the ag presentation (or most of them), and there's a picture of two trees with birds in it that I really, really like. LOL.

I wanted to go Vinnies again today, but when I got home, no one else was. So I'm just sitting here, home alone with my cat. But before, I looked through my mum's wardrobe to see if there was anything in there I'd like (cuz I never do that so yeah, didn't even know what was in there before today) and I found this nice blazer/coat! :D It's long and cream-coloured and it's a size 8, so good! :D I'm wearing this top that my sister sewed. It's not really a top, well, it is, but it's more of a costume. It's from when she dressed up as a hamster character from this anime she watches. So I have cute little round ears on top of the hood of this top. Heo yeah. LOL. I also noticed that one of the photos of my cut-offs got 9 views (that's a lot for my Flickr, btw). F yeah, my Flickr is the best, HAHA. :C

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