DIY Cut-offs 8.49

Yay! I went to Vinnies and Livo Westfields after school today with Grace. We were meant to be getting presents and going shopping, but we didn't really get much. Grace got this black blazer though, it's pretty nice! :p Christie's and RICE on Saturday, how exciting.

Anyway, so we went into Vinnies cuz I really wanted cut-offs, lol, and we saw this guy who was apparently Mr Jones' brother? LOL. His name was like Russ or something, but when I told Stephen and Genvin (cuz Stephen was over) that we saw Mr Jones' brother, then they're like, What, how can you believe that. :C So I don't know anymore. Anyway, I was looking through the jeans there and I saw these 3 pairs and I tried them on, but they were a bit big! :( I'm so sad that I didn't get them though, seriously. There was a sale, 4 items of clothing for $12, or something like that, or maybe it was just for women's jeans .. But I only ended up getting one pair cuz I wasn't sure if my cut-offs idea was going to work or not and I convinced myself that I should save money and not get more jeans AND NOW I REGRET NOT BUYING THEM SO MUCH. Cuz the pair I bought was for $6 anyway .. And I could've gotten more! But I kinda felt bad cuz I was a bit worried Grace was going to get bored, so yeah. Also, I had to get home. I ended up making it just in time for my bus, which was good .. But I fucking regret not getting more jeans.

Anyway, I got home and I googled how to make cut-offs but didn't find anything helpful, so I just did what I'd seen Genvin do when he cut up his jeans to make shorts and yeah, they turned out alright. :D Cuz yeah I was worried they'd be like full baggy and not nice and shit, but yeah.


White shirt from Cotton On but I cut it up and shredded it
Second-hand Wrangler flares I think, LOL, but DIY'd into cut-offs.

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