Just like yesterday

Did I give my legs a tan with photoshop (in above)? Sadly, yes, which is weird, since I've been wearing sunscreen the past couple of days in attempt to pale up my legs -- my legs are so dark compared to my face. :(

Lighting of this photo looks so yellow and summery compared to the other ones. :o

This and the one above are blurry. :( This is bad use of self timer and super bright and happy lighting, lol.

My face looks bad here but this is the best photo out of all the other ones I took where you can see my face; all the other ones were really dark because the light from my window couldn't reach it, and I wasn't bothered to edit it ..

I really like this photo. :D So clear, yay!

And I like this photo too.

Wow I look really skinny here. :o

Fuck yeah, who has a Snoopy bedspread thing? >:D HAHA. I took these photos on Sunday; this is what I wore the day before, at RICE Fever! :D It was such a good day, and I was looking at this outfit and realised that I didn't pay much for it in total! Cuz I borrow clothes off both my brother and sister, and I borrowed that blazer off Danica/Danica's mum. :p I tried getting photos of the lace back of the blazer but they didn't turn out nice! And for one, these photos weren't taken in my sister's room. :p This is like probably the most I've ever shown of my room in photos that aren't about complaining how messy my room is. :p This set of photos is getting so many views on my Flickr, compared to everything else I have, lol. :o

Ever since I tried on all these different nail colours from Sportsgirl, Portmans, etc, I haven't had only one colour on my nails! I really wanna get more colours, but I like what I have right now. I was going to go for all white (it's not really white, it's a really, really pale pink) but then decided to kinda make it a gradient. Only my darkest pink doesn't fit, LOL, but I really like it atm. Gotta redo them later so I can be cool and have nice nails tomorrow. :p

Black blazer with lace back, borrowed off Danica who borrowed off her mum
Pocket singlet by Line at General Pants Co, borrowed off Genvin
Bird with cage necklace from Sportsgirl, borrowed off Steph
Chain bag strap worn as a necklace, sale at Sportsgirl
Black chain bag from Portmans ($29.95)
Black leather belt, was my mum's
DIY Wrangler cut offs, jeans bought from Vinnies ($10)

And this is me with my angel grey lenses on! I wore them at RICE so yeah, decided to finally take a photo of what I look like with them on! My hair makes me look like a crazy bitch, though, but that's what happens when I don't do anything to it and when the weather's nice. :o My eyes are so brown, though -- they're really light in the centre. And someone commented on the first photo (heo yeah, first comment on Flickr) and it just said, cute which was a bit .. Okay cool thanks man, yeah. :I LOL.

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