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Yesterday was so fun! RICE Rally started at 5:30pm but me and Nick met up earlier so we could go eat somewhere and then meet up with everyone else. It was such a good day, keke, even though I got home a bit late .. But I don't think my parents minded too much. :p

So anyway, we met up at around 3pm or something, and then we walked to Ramen Kam. Or Ramen Kan. But I think the receipt said 'kam' but okay. :p I'd never been there before or nething but Nick made it sound really really good. I saw Ken there, with his family or something? Anyway, I didn't know what to order so I got a mini udon and mini don with teriyaki chicken and they gave a salad. We ordered agedashi tofu and omgsh, it was so nice. :D Nick got a karaage don and it was so good. :9 After that, we both got green tea ice cream and it was so cute and creamy. LOL. When we were walking there, we saw all these people who were like 'potentials'/potentially going to RICE LOL, but when we were eating, there were two guys who sat next to us and they were talking about RICE and stuff. I love RICE. No jokes. :)

We were planning on going Caps after we ate, but both of us didn't feel like it nemore and we went to Market City instead. I haven't been to the city in so long! No idea where I've been going, but probably out at people's surprise parties or something, or just not going out, Idk, but it feels like a while since I was out in the city. :p Anyway so we were walking around and we went into Morning Glory (which full looks different now btw) and they were playing Bad Girl by B2ST! :D Like I walked in and heard it and was so excited that they were playing it, LOL. Nick said he felt like buying a hat cuz he was sick of his one right now, so we went into Gluestore and they had this really pretty Adidas hat there, but it was all white. :o Would've looked so much better if it was in black but they didn't have it. Nick was gonna get this Le Co Sportif hat which was just black and had the logo in gold on the front, but he fricken loves Stussy and didn't even see the Stussy one LOL, but I pointed it out and he really liked it, so we bought it. I bought it. :p Teehee, LOL. Anyway so I really like it now too and we both kept switching during the rest of the day. We went to Thai Kee and got green tea, too.

Finaallyyy, we met up with everyone else outside Sydney Entertainment Centre. It was me, Nick, Lawrence, Danica, Jenny, Nikkida, Simon and Troy. And William was there and Aaron Sing was there. (Oh whoa Idk how to spell Sing but it's like that, right?) Yeah okay so we got our tickets and we had to hide all our food and drinks, just in case they didn't let us take them in LOL, so we were full desperate and hiding it in our clothes and stuff. When we got in, cuz I've never been in there or don't think I've been in there, and it was soo big and keke, so many people, full checked out all the girls LOL. Cuz they have good clothes. :9 LOL. Yeah and so we went in and we got our seats and stuff.

First 'act' or whatever, was New Empire! :D We saw them at Fever last year and me, Danica and Jenny got a hug from one of the guitarists. So when they started playing, everyone went down to the front and had like a little mosh pit and omg Nick got a high five from one of the guitarists. Like a clean high five, not like a 'Kk I'm gonna high five all these people so I'll just like hit at their hands', LOL. And Lawrence touched the guy's shoe. And when one of the guitarists were high fiving people but more like just high fiving a whole heap of people at the same time and more like hitting at their hands instead, they hit my hand. Twice. Fuck yeah. AHHAHA. :3 Nah but they're good, keke. Um but RICE Rally is like performances, skits, talks and games, it was really fun.

At one point, they gave everyone a glow stick and we all played this game. So the whole place/hall/thingo was divided into 8 groups, with one person representing each group on the stage. The speaker would be like, King _____ (Bro I have no idea how you're meant to spell it and I temporarily forgot his name) lost his hat, some say this, some say that, I say team _, and that team has to all stand up and wave their glowsticks and be like, No sir, not I sir, and the speaker's like, Then who sir? and that group has to say Team _ sir, (cuz their representative on stage holds up a number) and yeah, whichever team messes up first then yeah. :p It was pretty fun, and they turned the lights off for it so everyone's glowsticks were glowing. And heaps of people were chucking their glowsticks down and yeah when we finished playing I chucked mine down and apparently I hit this guy. LOL. Sorry. :p

And the speaker this year had to do a catwalk versus Sang Choi Bao and they had to go through like a tiebreaker and the speaker performed the song he played when he proposed to his wife and aw it was so cute. :o The speakers at RICE are so interesting and funny LOL. :D And he told a story how he was on holiday with his wife. His wife woke up one morning and said that she wasn't feeling too well, feeling fever-ish and stuff. So when his wife said that, he didn't want to spend the rest of his holiday giving her all this sympathy and stuff, so he pretended he wasn't feeling too well either, LOL. When they got home to the airport, his wife was like, Okay this is just ridiculous, and she went to the chemist and got a pregnancy test. She tested herself and turned out she was pregnant, LOL. So she figured out he was making shit up and yeah, LOL. Idk, but the stories at RICE are funny but like they're all relevant in the end. :p So good.

After the talk, me, Lawrence, Simon and Nick went to talk to people about stuff. And they had this manga about like Idk Jesus and stuff. I haven't finished reading it but yeah. And I got another USB bracelet! And Nick gave me his, or Idk, someone gave me their's but I have 2 now. :p Will check them out later at night. And this guy came to talk to us about stuff and like yeah js, he was really cute. :o But after we left RICE, we wanted to get a RICE hoodie .. And Nikkida got one! D: I want one, man. TT Um, after that, we decided to stay in the city while Lawrence, Nikkida and Simon went home. We should've went. :( Cuz me and Nick stayed when we shouldn't have and didn't really stay for long. Anyway, so we walked to the station and bought 2 slices of pizza, omg so good, then we went onto the platform to catch a train to Bankstown, get picked up and then drive Nick's mum home and then drive me home. Anyway, our train wasn't for a while so when we finished our pizza, we went to get chips. And they were crinkle cut, so cute! :p But when we were eating chips and waiting for our train, on the other platform, I don't even know what happened but it was like a fight or something! :o And there was like shouting and these lebs were chucking glass bottles at the train. I don't think anyone got hurt but it looked like there was fight .. Idk, but it was scary. :s And then everyone on that train had to get off and our train came and yeah, Idk what happened.

So we got to Bankstown at like 11:20pm and we found Nick's car (his mum drove to pick us up) and then we dropped her off at home and then Nick drove me back to my place. I got home at like 11:50pm which is actually the latest I've ever stayed out with like not family or not family friends, so yeah, that was pretty cool. :D It was such a good day, though! Jap restaurant, RICE, staying out late, omg I don't know, it was so fun though. ^^ Only now, I'm really, really poor. My mum hasn't given me this week's allowance. So I don't know what's going on, and that's really, really annoying ..

Oh what, fucking Flickr says that I've reached my 100MB allowance this month. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I upload more than 200 photos; my old ones will be deleted. Sorry, I can't upload any more photos from the camera since Flickr's being annoying, so I only have the one at the top of this post! :C

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