Are there clothes on your hoes?

At Livo station, me and Yvy were just thinking of stupid questions that have rhyming words? Like, do your eyes want pies? Are there clothes on your hoes? Are your legs wearing pegs? LOL. Just stuff like that, so stupid, but we do so much dumb stuff like that LOL. Today was pretty cool, and with this election business .. Yeah I'm not sure what's going on but it's a hung election, but I think Julia's going to win? Idk but I hope she does? I don't really care about politics much though, so it's not really a really, really big deal to me. But I think Tony Abbott is sounding like a prick, so okay. :p

Anyway, I don't really have any new photos because I can't upload any more this month! So that really sucks, today's only the 22nd of August. :( But these are some photos from when my sister went to a book signing by Ghost Patrol, a Melbourne street artist, at Kinokuniya. My sister's really into this kinda stuff if you didn't know, lol. She bumped into some friends, and they went to eat at the Lindt cafe. She brought home a champagne macaroon, and I had a bite of it (first time trying a macaroon, heo yeah) and it was so nice. :D She stayed out till kinda late in the city, and the next day, I went through the camera and saw all the pretty photos she had. :p

A champagne and strawberry macaroon. :9 Apparently the strawberry one was really, really good, and they were only $2.20 each. :o

Oh heo yeah, full madass bokeh shit brah. LOL.

So cute! It's a tooth. :D

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