What to do?

Oh gosh, I hate it how I can't upload anymore photos onto Flickr this month! I took all these photos from when I bought glitter, but the lighting was bad so I edited them. But at the time I was editing them, I was uploading more photos and I ended up using all of my space this month. HOW ANNOYING! :( I just had this pretty cool idea, but should I bring my DSLR on Country Fair? I seriously can't take good photos with those small digital cameras. I really wish the Canon could work without the stupid battery pack thingo attached to it, cuz it's so much chunkier and bigger like that. If it works without the battery pack then okay, I'll bring it. :D I looked at Rosa (in year 11)'s DSLR today, it's so pretty! I'm so used to the small screen on the 350D and her one looked so big! :( And Eugene comes along, poking at my eyelids and telling me I'm holding the camera wrong, HAHA. I can hold it however I want, nigga. >:D LOL.

Grrrr! I am really, really poor right now. You wouldn't think that a month ago, I was at like the prime of my rich-ness, LOL, I full had money that I could spend without feeling guilty, which is really unusual for me. Anyway, so now I'm down to my silver coins but I think I saw a $2 coin somewhere but I'm not sure. But it kinda sucks cuz I didn't get last week's or this week's allowance, and two weeks before last week, I didn't get my allowance either. ;__; So fml, I don't know what I'm going to do on Saturday (CF and Mitchell's party). :o Anndd since I have no money right now, I can't even buy cheap stuff. Cheap stuff or stuff that's on sale. I don't know how this happened as well, but I lost my black, canvas lace-ups. ;__; No idea how that happened, seriously, but I know I had them at Zone Athletics and I don't have them anymore. Idk man, it's so weird but I really wish I had them. :( Okay, but since I know Rabens and all those canvas shoes that look similar suck, so I've been telling myself that Rabens = Chucks on eBay - $4. Cuz Chucks on eBay are $24 with free shipping. So I've decided that I shouldn't buy Rabens but I don't even have the money right now to buy Chucks on eBay, even though they're $24. And I don't have money to buy Rabens, either. Not now, anyway.

I was going to withdraw $20 out of my bank account so I could buy a cup of this Asian jelly. It's so nice, it tastes like aloe vera but it's really, really good. But I didn't end up withdrawing, cuz I had to catch the stupid 804.

Oh, Country Fair = Setting up the art rooms for the art exhibition! I realised that almost none of my works turned out the way I wanted them to .. Except for like one, but I don't like it too much. I didn't send my crime photo to the teacher even though I did it, I didn't do the teapot the way I planned it, I didn't finish my oil painting, didn't finish my tonal sketch, and I don't like any of the 6 pieces of work that we had to do for the Portrait unit. Or something about portraits, but the six art challenges I was stressing over a few months ago. So Country Fair is going to make me look like a really crappy art student, but okay whatever, I love art! :D Art is such a bludge, all we do is talk about K-Pop and tease Clement. LOL. :p

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