Yay! I'm listening to Hello by GD feat. Dara! :D I listened to it on Mitchell's iPod today and aw, it's good, I have to download this later, man. Today was such a good day! I didn't have to go to class cuz I was helping set up for the art exhibition on Country Fair. It was pretty cool, and me, Mitchell and Clement hung up the sticky tape bodies. I really wish I brought my camera today! I was going to bring it cuz we were meant to be recording some ads today, LOL, like fake ads about the Labour and Liberal policies and just some of the policies of the parties in the election, but we didn't do it .. But today was so good! Even if I did bring my camera today, though, it would've just been a normal digital camera and yeah, I really suck at taking photos with them. :o

But yeah, I'm definitely going to bring my DSLR on CF! Cuz I asked my dad if the camera could operate without the stupid battery pack that I always see attached to it and he said it could, so I'm pretty excited! The only thing that could be a problem is if Genvin brings the stupid camera to stupid CF and his stupid party, afterwards. BUT I DON'T WANT HIM TO, FRICKEN, HE'S GOT LIKE BOB AND OTHER FRIENDS WITH DSLR'S. I think. But I really wanna bring it, he always brings it out and I've never (also cuz I've never tried to but yeah, keke). :D

Today was Pizza Stall, and at the end of lunch they were selling pizzas for half price ($6)! :o Tomorrow is Ms Ross' birthday .. Shit, she looked so stressed out and tired in the morning, and apparently she was crying as well, I felt so bad lol. Ms Coombes is so funny, omgsh, I just love the art department, the teachers are so cool. Such .. mothers. LOL. So they're like really nice sometimes and we're so close to her as a teacher. We've given her hugs and stuff, LOL. But I'm really going to miss our art class in year 11, since I'm not doing art. :(

I totally want this kigurumi suit! It's so, so cute! The girl at RICE with the Pichachu one .. So cute! But I don't want a Pikachu one, they'd be too common. Well like, they're more expensive on eBay as well, but like oh my gosh gosh gosh, I really really want it! This is like the time last year when the top thing on my wishlist was cat ears. Have no idea why I would want cat ears, well like, they're really cute as well, so I guess I still kinda want them, they'd be so sexy for dress up/costume parties. Oh yeah. LOL. But that idea is overused, so I don't know :p Are we doing anything for Halloween this year? I heard we were. It'd be kinda cool to dress up, but all the typical ideas are so lame and cliche, so the only cool things would be the .. ugly stuff. LOL. Sorry guys, I would so wanna be something cute, HAHA. :o

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