Hopes and dreams 8.44

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My computer's being such a lag! Anyway, I don't think I'm going to upload a photo for the previous post cuz I just don't want to and can't be bothered but oh, maybe I will. Anyway, I bought a box of fundraiser chocolates off Jordan on Monday and I got most of it sold yesterday and finished the box today .. Well I ate the last one cuz it's a bit weird to ask someone for chocolate and they only have one left lol, but Idek maybe people wouldn't mind but I personally think it's a bit weird. I still have some people owing me some money, so if anyone owes me then can they please pay up ASAP cuz I have some stuff to do/buy before Friday, and Wednesday's looking like the only day I can go out to Westfields. :s

Some people have been wondering why I've been selling chocolate. It's not like I'm fundraising or anything for a charity. :s Some people think I'm selling it for Grace, since she was selling as well, but as if I would sell for her when I could sell for myself LOL. :I Nah, I'm just selling cuz I'm really poor right now and heaps of things are coming up. :s

Shit that I have to go to/pay for:
5/08 Regional Athletics ($5 + travel)
6/08 Important present for someone ($not sure but a lot kinda)
ASAP Phone bill ($40-$60)
10/08 Christie's present ($not sure)
12/08 Liza's present ($not sure)
14/08 Christie's birthday ($23 + travel)
14+21/08 RICE Early Bird ticket ($25 + travel)
28/08 Country Fair

But going to things like RICE is going to cost money getting to and from there, and I'll have to add the cost of eating and shit. Ugh, this probably makes me look really bad cuz I'm using the money I'm getting from people who buy my chocolate to fund for my friends' birthday presents and for me to go out. But ever since two weeks ago, when I got 2 weeks' worth of allowance, things have been really crap. I spent a whole week's allowance on just one day, to buy food. Not that I went to a restaurant to eat -- I just bought pasta, prawns (LOL), jelly and cheesecake. The other week's worth of allowance, I used to pay off my debts. I'd been owing Angela $15 for at least a month and owed Emily from when I borrowed $10 to buy a train ticket. Since school started, all this shit has come up and I've been fucking pwned.

I feel bad for borrowing clothes off people. :s Why do we always go out and have dress codes that I can't dress properly for. Why are my clothes so summer-y. I also lost my pair of black lace-up canvas shoes. No idea how the fuck I could lose them but I don't know where they are. I swear, they're not in my room and not in my locker. I had them last term, though! So that sucks. :I

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