Sky flakes 8.46

I got 9/10 for my history essay on Germaine Greer! :D Happy with that mark. Listening to One Better Day by MBLAQ, I'm happy with their new looks! Chundung especially, omg, looks so much better. I also got this Jay Chou song, Carnival (Idk how it's spelt in Chinese but you should find it if you Youtube it I think, but I haven't tried). Some people owe me money for chocolate, but I guess it was all a success! I'm scared of hanging around Livo by myself though, so I have no idea how I'm going to access an ATM if it's not Wednesday, after school. LOL. :s I'm such a pussy ..

Can't wait till I finally get ag finished and I'll be assignment free for a while! I should be working on something to submit for the art competition but I don't know what to do .. :( I need to something quick though, cuz aren't submissions ending on like the 20th? Or on CF? I have no idea.

For the past week, I've been eating at least 2 packs of Sky Flakes a day. LOL. They're just crackers, don't have any flavour on them or anything but farout, I love them. :D Love them so much, I should buy another box of them. My mum bought the box on like last Tuesday or something but shit, they're so good, LOL.

Need to edit my layout. Need to take better photos. Need to save money. Need to text Jordan and ask for more chocolate to sell. Need to find people who will still buy after they've read my post about why I need money. Need to buy presents. Want this shirt. Want denim cut-offs. Want white lowcut chucks. I'm such a bitch.

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