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I haven't blogged in forever! I haven't even been on a computer in days. :( I'm totally losing so many page views and followers and whatever, omg it really sucks. :( Genvin and Steph are like always sharing this comp and I haven't been able to get on at all. Right now, Genvin's out and Steph's at work or out or something like that .. So I can finally get on the computer!

I woke up at like 1:20pm today, which really sucks. Yesterday, Grace came over at like 9am and woke me up, and we studied for like aages. So I got heaps of studying done, and the day before that was another study day, so I've .. covered most of the topics on the handout. Studying for Exit Exam, btw. But yeah, I've studied:

- Exponential
- Hyperbola
- Logs
- Absolute
- Perpendicular Distance
- Re-did my (44/44) surds exam from year 8
- Re-did my linear exam from I think year 8
- Did some quadratics questions from a pre-exam
- Looked over AP/GP
- Read a bit of locus

Omg, every time I type 'focus' or 'locus' or anything like that, I always type 'focuz' or 'locuz' and have to backspace it, LOL.

On Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, but I think it was Wednesday, I went to DFO. :D I was meant to post photos of stuff .. And I have terrible photos but whatever. I also have photos of my lenses but not with me wearing them cuz all those photos look bad. LOL.

I really hope the Exit Exam isn't too bad .. I've started on English assignment and I've done the into and started the body, but I'm really gonna have to keep working at it soon, cuz I haven't worked on it since like 2 or 3 days ago. I haven't really done anything today. To be honest, I haven't eaten anything and it's like 3:38pm. Oh yeah and I haven't been on MSN in like days. But yeah I don't even wanna think about English cuz it totally sucks and maths is so much better. Oh gosh, English. :I OH. I like Cheondung's line from Y by MBLAQ! It's like the best line in the whole song? Heo yeah. :D

And by the way, totally had no time to edit photos -- what happens if Genvin comes back halfway, right? But some photos (like the ones with my lenses) were meant to be cropped, but sorry I totally had no time for that. :(

Oh .. I just noticed that someone on Formspring told me to hurry up and blog cuz they wanted to see my hair and contacts. And today, I took photos of everything except me with contacts in and my hair. Omg, I'm sorry. LOL. :s I didn't take any good photos of that today. :( And it's so hard to get a good photo that focuses on my contacts, I'm so sorry LOL. D: And totally sorry to the person who's relying on me for Truong theory, I should maybe tell people not to ask me to scan stuff for them cuz I'm always really slow with it. SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY (SuJu suck).

$5 XL men's singlet from Cotton On, probs down from like $20-$30. 'MEXICAN FOOD', HEO YEAH. :D My knees look dark and my legs look funny. :(

Not sure if I'd uploaded photos of the Japanese NYLON I bought ages ago. Japanese characters are so pretty, I wish I could read and speak Jap. :I

I love my Hello Kitty contact lens cases! In the blue are my CK-105's, which are the ones I really like, the ones where everyone's like, 'Black contacts, why would you want that?' Well hmph, I'm sorry, my eyes aren't as dark as yours so you can tell that there's a difference in colour, hmph. LOL. And in the pink case are my angel greys .. I haven't worn them out yet, but I tried them on once and they looked pretty cool. I was a bit worried my eyes were too light and it'd look so fake in the pupil/centre, LOL. TT And yeah, they have a slight blue tinge to the grey when I wear them, but that's okay.

But really, to the person on Formspring that asked for Truong theory, I'm really sorry. To the person on Formspring who wanted to see my new hair and contacts then I'm sorry but the photos I took sucked. My hair makes me look a lot younger, so just imagine my hair in year 7 + my current face and there you go. :( LOL.

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