Man I don't even know what I've been doing lately, but I haven't blogged in a while? Taeyang's new album, Solar, is good. :D I really like Take It Slow and Move. ^^ Anyway, I went DFO today and got an XL guy's singlet for $5. Yay. LOL. But I wish it was like a bit smaller, like if it was L then that's be better and maybe if it was an S or M that'd be cool, but yeah whatever, it's $5 and my aunt can tailor it for me, or something. :L I also got this thingo from Cotton On Body and um yeah that was cool cuz I wanted it ages ago, and it was $30 but I never got it and I got it today for $5. :) Um, I started English assessment yesterday .. But I realised that there's still like 8 days and something hours to do it, which is way cool LOL. Exit exam is in less than one week, which really, really sucks. :S I'm gonna have to study a lot, man .. It seems like everyone else has been studying or doing English or both, and I've just been going out and procrastinating. :( And I feel really bad for doing that, right, but I don't know .. Procrastination sucks, right? :(

I made pancakes today. More like pikelets, though cuz they were small and the recipe was pikelets. :I LOL. But I added all this sugar, butter and milk cuz it was really thick and yeah, that was good cuz I made one before I added all that crap and it was terrible.

I watched Napoleon Dynamite again last night, and oh my gosh, that movie is just so, so awkward. LOL. I also don't know if I ever mentioned this on my blog, but I really want my sister's room? Well, I really, really like the shape of her room, it's a rectangle and the built-in wardrobe fits in 'smoothly'. Like, the wardrobe in my room sticks out, and my room's a hexagon because of it. :o But I love how my sister has such a big window that opens up way more than mine, and that the shape of her room is a quadrilateral. I really want her room. Well, I wouldn't mind if I swapped rooms with her, but I don't think she wants mine. Anyway, my super cool plan for her room, or the super cool plan for my like, imaginary room that I totally want, has a couch in it. I always thought having a couch in your room would be so mad. But like, I'd have my bed and bookshelf and whatever on one side, and on the other will be my couch. And it'll be like floral and vintage looking, and it'll have it's whole wall to itself. And I might decorate the wall, but nothing too much. And I could hang around on my couch and sit around in the sunlight in summer, or huddle up with like my laptop and a blanket in the winter. Keke, I really want that. :0

Oh, oh. My haircut makes me look like I'm in year 7 again. LOL. Like I look a lot lot younger .. And I don't like it, honestly. I asked her for layers and now it has no shape. My fringe is too short and makes a weird shape. But I clip it up cuz I don't like it. If I tie my hair up, I look exactly the same as when I had short hair, last year. Like I'm not joking, it actually looks the same. :s But I really like my circle lenses so far. I haven't tried my angel greys yet, even though I've worn my CK-105's like twice. Oh, and when I was making pancakes this morning, I flipped it and it fell out of the pan and landed on the stove .. LOL.

Love his face + voice. And oh yeah, I remembered the 3rd rapper that sounded good: Eli. :D

Will post up scans of Truong theory, photos of what I bought today, my new hair and my lenses soon. :D I hope. Sorry I always lag scanning stuffff ..

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