I realised I'm very behind in the 30 Day Letter Challenge .. Oh well. Yesterday was Kenny's birthday and since I don't talk to him nemore, I wasn't invited to his birthday outing. LOL. I never really talked to him though. :( So instead, my mum took me, Genvin and Steph to Livo Westfields where I went job hunting and they did Centrelink stuff. Um, hopefully I get a job. :I But I shouldn't get too happy, right? Anyway, there was this dh in Breadtop and this dh in the carpark, cbb to explain but yeah. They weren't the same people, just sayin'. I also finally bought lens solution! A little bottle though, it was $8.95 for 120ml. It took me 40 minutes to get my lenses in, LOL. I tried in my CK-105's, so the black ones and whoa man, they make my eyes look waay bigger but when I first put it on and looked up, I'm like, Ho damn, I look like a fish. :I LOL. Nah but I don't look like a fish! And they're not like 'too dark' for my eyes like how I was scared they might've been. I really like them, lol. I haven't tried on my Angel Greys, but in all honestly I like my CK-105's way more than the Angel Greys, LOL. Everyone's got Angel lenses. :I Except for Lisa but yeah, haha. Um, so yesterday was a pretty good day, except I didn't get fucking shit done in terms of studying and work. Farout. :s And I come on MSN and Grace has like fully finished English. LIKE OMG FML WHY WORK SO EFFICIENTLY FOR. :(

I'll post up a photo of me with my CK-105's on. But it's only from a 2MP camera. And the lighting is bad and my eyeliner is not even. Cuz I was wearing a false lash and then did my eyeliner then took my lash off later and then took the photo and my eyeliner wasn't even cuz I was trying to see which looked better with the lenses. LOL. Oh yeah, getting a haircut. Isn't this going to be exciting, I'll finally have a fringe again. :I Honestly, I think I'll miss my no fringe/long fringe. :o

WAIT WAIT WUT IS THIS. O___O DOES B2ST HAVE LIKE A NEW MV. Cuz why is she with him, I don't wanna see this. :'( LOL.

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