Baby, just take it slow (820)

Since I haven't been able to get on the computer much lately, I guess I'll do this thing now. DP tagged me .. And she hasn't done it but she said she tagged me, on my Cbox. LOL.

I don't know if they're going to read this so I guess if they wanna do it then okay but if they don't and don't end up reading this, then okay, no worries, but I'm tagging:

Christie @http://fearhasnovoice.blogspot.com
Wendy @http://wendzilla.net
Vivian @http://chortlingspatulas.blogspot.com
Kyleen @http://astorywithoutwords.blogspot.com
Mitchell @http://geekasaurusrawr.blogspot.com

Share one thing that nobody knows about you.
Wow, nobody? Not that many people know that I used to always spell hello as hellow because it rhymed with yellow therefore HAD TO BE SPELT THE SAME, RIGHT?

What is your biggest regret in life?
Oh gosh. It's probably really immature but the first thing I thought of was going out with Kin-Mun for like more than a year. But I think that's a bit slack cuz I guess I don't completely regret it, like it was fun at the time and I learnt stuff from it, so I guess it's not a complete regret. I can pretty much guarantee myself that in a couple of years, I'm going to regret my terrible relationship with my parents. :s I'm aware of it but I'm not really sure what to do.

What would you do with a thousand dollars?
A thousand dollars .. I'd probably buy myself a large iced chocolate with whipped cream, caramel and dust it with chocolate first, since I totally feel like that. Then I'll pay my rents back for that time my phone bill was super high and I was paying back some of it, but recently my mum said Don't worry about it and now I don't have to pay it back so yeah. Oh and I'd pay school fees. And then buy myself a nice coat or jacket or something warm. And then I don't know, save the rest or something. :I LOL.

If you could go back in time, would you still pick the person you are with right now?
Of course I'd pick the person I'm with right now! :D

What do you like or dislike about my (the taggers) blog page?
Omg, DP never posts .. frequently kinda. LOL. :( But I actually don't understand this question? :I LOL. Oh gosh, she's so lucky, she has like everything and her mum just bought her Chanel eyeliner, f my life man. LOL. Vivian doesn't post that much either. :( Okay actually, I don't like that everyone I tagged .. Okay well I don't think they blog enough LOL. Or maybe I just check too often or at bad times. Cuz like every time I check Vivian's and Christie's especially, there's either nothing new or like 3 new posts or something, LOL.

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