Your Favourite Internet Friend (821)

your favourite Internet friend

Dear person I don't really talk to except for on MSN,

Okay, people might think that it's weird that I'm choosing you as my favourite Internet friend, but it's not like favourite, it's just that when we talk on MSN we usually talk a lot. And also, I'm trying not to repeat people that much, LOL.

Anyway, I haven't really talked to you that much recently. You used to annoy me a lot by the way, and I guess that's why .. I don't know, maybe that's why we weren't really ever close in real life. I don't know if people would figure out who this is and you might not even figure out yourself. Great letter, am I right? LOL. I'm trying to think what I would say to you if I was online right now .. Which I don't know why I'm not but I'm not, lol, and I don't really know what I'd say. Um. Oh, okay, something I'm kinda jealous about you is that it's like you always have money. As in, why do you always have so much money. :( You're not like mega intense rich or something, but Idk, it's always like you buy expensive stuff. LOL.

I like most of the looks you hype on Lookbook and I think some of your clothes are nice, but some of the stuff you put together isn't my style.


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