First day (830)

I remember the first time we ever did logs at Truong. Well, only time, if you don't count the revision work we did in preparation for the Exit Exam. Anyway, Sir said my lastname (In) was ln (natural base of log), LOL. Still remember that. :D

First day back at school today. I guess I was kinda excited about it cuz I tried sleeping but found myself lying in bed, eyes closed but thinking about all the things I had to do and all the things I could do. I was worried I wasn't going to wake up on time, too, but I woke up at 6:30am, woo! I used to wake up at 6:50am last term but yeah, since I always complain about how Genvin takes too long showering, I'll just shower before him. :p

Nothing really interesting happened at school today, but circle lenses + new haircut = makes me look like a little kid. LOL. Everyone's like, You look like a kid. My hair reminds me so much of how I looked in year 7! Kristine and Lisa only realised I was wearing my lenses after school, and Koshila only noticed in period 6, even though I had most of my classes with her today. She just thought my hair made my eyes look bigger. LOL. But I like my lenses, yay, I might wear my black ones tomorrow, but it's sport, so that might be a bit weird .. My eyes looked so weird when I took my lenses off after school! :C I hope I don't become the kinda person that feels like they have to wear them everyday or else their eyes feel naked or something. But when I took them off, omgsh, my eyes felt like .. So fresh and free. And cold. LOL. Cuz circle lenses would block your eyes from some of the oxygen, and when I took them off I could full feel that the air was like penetrating my eyes. That sounds weird, oh whoa.

Speech presentations started today! Margaret and Koshila's speeches make me feel really .. Like I'm not doing my speech right, that I'm not taking it seriously kinda thing. Fricken, I mention Justin Bieber and Facebook in my speech when I was trying to explain something, LOL. But I didn't really address my speech to parents that much? :C I'm sad, but next lesson, Yvy's going to volunteer 1st, I'll go 2nd and Veronica's going 3rd. Or maybe Veronica will go before me, or whatever. :p And oh fuck, I have Meakhan again. Fucken, I hate her and hate mentioning her on my blog cuz I don't know how the fuck her name is spelt.

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