Class A (831)

I'm sick again cuz I get sick every month LOL so I didn't go to school today. Anyway, so at Truong, turns out I'm in the A class in year 11, with Wendy, Vivian and Grace! Yay. :I I hope it's not too bad .. I don't mind being in this class, but I just hope I keep up and still get good marks in relation to the rest of the class. Cuz like at least I have Wendy, Grace and Vivian, right? :D All this unit circle shit is sooo confusing! I'm so slow with it, gahh, and Sir makes it seem like the Ruse kids are so smart, like iur92ushgoj crazy-ass smart. :s So I really hope it's okay .. And I'm in the same class as Grace, Vivian, Angela and Wendy for English. But the time is kinda .. not that good for me, cuz I usually go out on Saturday and ugh, the time is like midday kinda so yeah, it sucks. :C

I presented my speech yesterday and yeah it was alright but Veronica's, oh wow, she's so good. I'm gonna have to get notes off people on what happened in today's speeches ..

I took all these photos today cuz I had nothing to do and cuz it's fun. :D Wendy asked me this in maths yesterday, and Tracey asked this on my C-Box but yeah I use a Canon .. 350D, I think? And if anyone's just wondering, then I've got a fever; every time I get sick, I get a fever. They fricken suck.

I tried to sync some photos so I could organise all the crap on my iPod better, but this is what happened. :I

If anyone wanted to see me with circle lenses. And I put the photo upside down so it's less obvious that my eyes aren't the same size cuz my eyeliner's not even CUZ I WAS TESTING OUT WHICH LOOKED BETTER LOL. And that's my old hair, btw.

No idea what I'm going to do with these studs .. I bought them off eBay a while ago and all I did was stud a pair of shorts and that was kinda boring, well I'm over it so yeah, that's all. :p Not sure what I'm gonna do with them. I like this photo, too. :D

HOW CUTE IS THIS BUBBLE WRAP! :D It's so little, lol. C:

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