Week's allowance (829)

So yesterday was the last day of the holidays. I got English submitted fine, even though I decided to change my speech a little when I got home from English tutor, and so I resubmitted it at 8:47pm. I usually can't get into Moodle past 9, too. :C But I got it all done, yay! :D Mm, so my mum gave me 2 weeks worth of allowance cuz she didn't have any smaller notes. On Saturday night/Sunday morning, I had this intense craving for cheesecake, pasta salad, prawns, a Coke (specifically from McDonalds cuz I like sipping it through their big straws :D) and those Asian jellies that you buy in a pack, and the jellies have their individual cups. :p I love them, haven't had them in years, omg. So on Sunday morning when I woke up at 1:20pm, I decided to walk to Valley Plaza (the local shopping place with Woolies and stuff) and to go buy food. I ended up spending $25 worth of food just for lunch, just cuz I felt like buying all the stuff I felt like eating the night/morning before .. I feel kinda bad, though. Lately I've been eating really unhealthily, haven't been drinking a lot of water and I've just been eating whatever I want. I've had two slices of cheesecake today and I had one this morning/last night so at a little past 12am. This is actually really bad. Why did I buy cheesecake, why issert so fucking good. :C It kinda sucked how it wasn't sunny yesterday, but I still had lunch with my sister outside. :p

They used to have grape flavoured jelly in the assorted pack! But now, wutz dis, they have green apple! It's soo crazy, I miss grape. :C But green apple is nice. AND THEY ONLY GAVE ME ONE STRAWBERRY ONE, IFUEWRUIOEYFIUDKQW!

On Saturday night, my sister wasn't home cuz she was out at her friend's 21st. Instead of working on my English speech, me and Genvin spent more than an hour looking for Harry Potter on DVD so we could watch it. It kinda sucked though, cuz the cat was on Genvin's lap so he couldn't move, and I had to look for it. And in the end we didn't find it. :I LOL. So instead, we decided to watch any movie, just anything except for Scrubs LOL and not Lord Of The Rings or Mean Girls or anything, so we spent ages, testing twice to see if the tv would detect any movies we'd put on our USB's when we plugged it in. CUZ HEO YEAH, you can connect USB's to the tv. I thought that was cool. Just sayin'. C: But it didn't work, the tv only detected images, TT. I found a disc labelled Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but when I put it into the DVD player, it didn't read. Desperate, I unplugged the DVD player and connected the other one and put the disc in there. Only that was worse cuz that DVD player specifically doesn't read burnt discs, LOL.

So risking, unplugging the wires at the back of the DVD player. I swear I felt a shock when I plugged something in once! :o And this isn't the first time, cuz I felt a quick shock when I unplugged the other DVD player the other day. Maybe I should stop doing this :I BUT ON SUNDAY NIGHT I FOUND IT, OH YEAH BABY ETUEUIRQEIRLAUDOIFOP! :D

Oh and this is my BB cream, but I haven't tried it properly cuz my skin's been so fucking dry recently and if you put it on flaky/dry skin then it makes it obvious that your skin sucks. But, I tested the colour on the back of my hand and wow, it actually does blend into your skin tone. :p Looking forward to try it, thanks Nick! And thanks Nick's mum! :D

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