AHHH! (837)

Bad weather. Should be studying for maths common test or for ag or doing something productive to submit in the art competition. I have no idea what people are saying about Mean Girls 2. I even Ctrl+F'd my blog for Mean Girls and it just said Mean Girls, not Mean Girls 2. Wait I'll try again. Oh I found it .. Honestly I don't think it's meant to be Mean Girls 2, I seriously think I was in a really crazy rush and felt like putting a 2 instead of a too. Sorry if I got people like excited or something, I haven't watched Mean Girls 2, didn't know there was/is going to be a Mean Girls 2.

Yvy told me that I don't blog enough. It sucks that I haven't been able to get onto a computer a lot, cuz I'd be kinda annoyed if I was reading someone's blog, and they only blogged like once every three days but like 3 posts each time. Actually, that's not too bad but whatever. LOL. I took all these photos just then and I told Genvin to get off the computer for a bit, so yay, I'm happy! :D

Yay, I redid my nails yesterday! I really wanna get one of the Sportsgirl nail polishes, though .. I am totally limited with my polish colours, my nails look kinda boring now. I love nail polishhhh. :3

I don't know why, but I've been drawing watches on my wrist a lot, recently. I actually look really bad with (real) watches on, but Idk man, I really like drawing them on cuz it makes it look like I have a bracelet. Lol nah actually it just makes my hands look girlier. :D LOL.

My dog wears clothes. (And I didn't focus it on purpose, keke. :D)

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