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Last week in ag, Vanessa said that me, Genvin and Steph were all art-y. I think that's cool, keke. :D Like it's cool that we're not like full chem-phys-bio science-maths kinda people. I don't know why I'm doing mostly sciences next year though lol, but whatever. It's cool that people think we're art-y and stuff. Anyway, I've been thinking about what to do for the art competition at Country Fair a lot. I didn't even realise that the ag assignment was due next week on Monday, not on Friday or anything. So I should really be starting on that, and I should really be studying for maths -- I don't know shit on consumer arithmetic. I got like 50% on the topic test. Maybe 52%. :I

So since I never really talk about my sister or mention her as much as I do Genvin, then I went around her room with my camera, since I had it on me at the time and wanted to take more photos, keke. :D She's so into arts and stuff lol, it's pretty cool. She does design in uni, btw. Design and Visual Communication. Wendy said that was cool, too. :p I like the lighting of these, even though it's really yellow..

These aren't real roses, and I think she found these from Spotlight? The little bottle was thrifted from Vinnies, they're so cute!

So dusty! :(

She got this from her friend, who was giving out little gifts and souvenirs from when they went to China. She got this and something else, but aw, I thought it was so cute. :3 It's a little pin badge thing, I think.

Don't think these were her own designs, but they could be. My sister makes heaps of stuff, but the designs are usually what she sees on Etsy and decides to replicate. These were so squishy LOL.

I'm pretty sure these were her own designs though .. She made these ages ago. Originally, she made them as gifts for her friends, but they turned out really well so she kept them. They're so pretty! I just wanna eat them, omg. :9 And I can wear them as rings, oh ho ho. LOL.

From Kikki.K. I think these were on sale so she got them, but I don't know if she ever used them.

So that's all the stuff I found in my sister's room! Also, I took one of her necklaces (the one with the bird and the bird cage, the one I took a few posts back). I really like the necklace, and she never wore it so yeah, look who's wearing it now! :D

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