10c photo prints (836)

Watching Chef-Kiss at the moment! :D And Masterchef omg, I kinda wanted Callum to win near the end but oh well, it was a bit obvious that Adam was gonna win since he was ahead at the beginning. Can't believe Callum didn't know some of the basic stuff. :o But omg, I loveee Masterchef! :D Can't believe it's over, what am I meant to watch now! Modern Family is still good though, keke.

Anyway, I put all the photos on my wall yesterday!

I printed them so I could cut them out to be squares, so they'd look like icons on my wall. Reminds me of how I used to explore Xanga for photos. LOL. This was before Tumblr, but Xanga used to have all these 100x100 pixel icons. :p I just checked, and the Xanga I used to go to isn't active anymore. D:

It's really annoying though, cuz there are awkward gaps where things are in the way, or when the measurements don't line up properly. Like, cuz before my room was mine, it was my grandparents and my sister used to do Disney colouring-in's for them. They put them on the wall and they've stayed there ever since. The pages have yellowed and browned, but I totally don't want to move them. Cuz they were kinda there before I was born. :I So it makes it really annoying to put photos up, gah!

I regret printing them in glossy, but not too much. Matte usually annoys me cuz of the grainy texture you can see on the photo when they're in the light. But I kinda wish I got matte. :( I ended up printing 110 photos, but some were copies and 2 photos weren't for my wall.

Oh. I fixed up the fairy lights on my wall, but .. I'm gonna have to redo them cuz some of them fell down again. Cuz I was trying to save Blutack and yeah, I woke up this morning and half of the lights have fallen down onto me/my pillows. LOL.

Oh and my dad bought these little sesame cracker/biscuit things and they were soo thin. And I thought they were so cute. LOL. I say too many things are cute. :(

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