your ex-boyfriend

Dear ex-boyfriend,

There's not much point in trying to hide who this is cuz everyone knows. Some people actually thought I went out with my last 'big' crush but no wai man, we never went out. I don't know what to say to you but there's not really much to say.

We haven't really talked much since May 2009. I think sometimes I've maybe been a bit harsh on you, saying that the day I broke up with you was the best day ever, but yeah that could maybe be a bit over the top? I still actually remember a lot of things in detail, tbh. Like I remember it really, really well. I remember that, funny thing, first person I actually told, person that didn't know about it until I told them, is no one other than my current boyfr. What a coincidence.

Anyway, kinda weird, but just before I was thinking about our first date. Well, not really what happened, just that I had to come to you, and not you to come to me, and that I had to pay for everything but I think you might've paid for my movie ticket but oh, maybe not, maybe you paid for part of it but maybe you didn't. Um so yeah I was thinking about that and thought, Wow what a dick, I had to come to him and I had to pay for everything. LOL. Well like I guess it was reasonable cuz we were going Mac Sq, but whatever man, you could've paid for everything anyway. But yeah, everyone knows what happened that day, haha. :I

Um so we haven't really talked properly since your/Aldrich's birthday party and Idk, I don't think you've changed that much? But I haven't hung around with you for the past couple of months so what can I say. Sometimes I think, maybe we can still be friends cuz like it's not that awkward when we talk, it's probs just like we don't know what to talk about cuz o rite, we broke up cuz you're a lying cheating dick so things are awkward and we haven't talked normally since I dumped you a few days before I turned 14. So even though maybe we could still talk normally sometimes, we're not going to be friends. Like that's just never going to happen and like okay yeah I don't really mind if it doesn't. :I Just sayin'.

I was really stupid to get back with you. It was kinda cool though, how our relationship was pretty good the first time round -- we never had fights, not even arguments, and we kept that up for 7 months. And then yeah you kissed Angela and you weren't even the one that told me and what the fuck was I thinking, getting back together with this slut who was maybe even shorter than me back then but I still did. It was maybe the best day ever when I dumped you. It was like fucking freeing a bird from a cage. Could fucking talk to anyone, and stay up way late talking to my bfflz all night while your fucken clingy ass was like sleeping or some shit, without you coming up to me the next day. I would have to make up bullshit answers when you'd ask what time I slept. And after we broke up I probz was a bit harsher than normal. Cuz apparently you were like, Can we even be friends and I said, No, but I don't remember that too well but Kabhi said that you said that I said that, so okay. Just sayin', you're a dick and I really don't think this letter is going to raise the chance of us ever being friends again but whatever. Slut. :I


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