Last night I was thinking about something and oh my gosh, I want lowcut white Chucks! :o I love the way both of them wore them, especially how Frida did. I've hyped almost all of both Shelley M and Frida J's looks, tbh .. Shelley Mulshine looks so good. She's so skinny but her face is so cute and her hair looks nice.

For any of those who may have seen me lately, then oh my gosh, you'd know that I really like my nails right now. Each one of them is painted a different colour, yay! It's a scheme of dark purples, blues, reds, blacks and greys and lightened up with fairy pinks and almost white. I love love love it! :D I only just noticed the model's wearing a mesh top so now you can see her boobies. :I I want her nails! :o

Feel like changing my layout ..
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