Lol okay I tried editing my layout and I had to change my layout to this other one to try and find the code, but oh wut, I couldn't find the code so how mbarrassing. :I Anyway, I'm so confused with the 'Older Posts' code! Can someone help me (like Wendy or Eugene :D)? LOL.

And I still haven't bought a new theory book for Truong, ugh. I think I'll probably end up getting it tomorrow, which really sucks. I'll get a spiral bound book this time though, cuz they're prettier and can maybe look neater, keke. Oh, and I went through my year 9 and 10 book and tabbed everything .. Ooh, I should watch Chef-Kiss. LOL. I went through all the random stacks of Truong work I have in my room and found:

Handouts for -
Perpendicular distance
Absolute values
Quadratic inequalities, discriminant and sum of roots
Quadratics, exponential and hyperbola sketching and circles

Pre-exams for -
Quadratics, exponential and hyperbola sketching and circles

Exams for -
Linear equations (I think this is the first time we ever did linear or smth)
Year 10 Trig (failed this exam, so embarrassing)

But if anyone needs anything, then message me.

Oh whoa, yay, gonna go Officeworks nao to get a new Truong book!

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