Today I went to Vinnies in Bonnyrigg and bought more teacups and saucers. I also bought a teapot and a milk jug! :D I didn't do any work this weekend, so I feel kinda bad. I took some photos of all the stuff I bought (okay I didn't actually take a photo with all the stuff I bought in one photo, LOL), and I found some photos from the memory card. I've planned a lot of my art stuff, but are we allowed to edit our photo on Photoshop and then make it black and white? Because I really really need to. Also, I think I'm going to have to take my photos on Wednesday. I don't know when, but not in class, cuz my photo actually takes a really long time to set up. :s So maybe after school on Wednesday, if Grace doesn't mind? :s Sorry. I also might need to borrow a blouse off Angela. I should find her on MSN soon. And hopefully in art, it takes really long to do the photos, so Miss isn't pissy if she finds out I might not have all my things ready. Cuz I have 2 blouses that could work, yeah, but I'd prefer a prettier one. :D

Currently reading Jurassic park by Michael Crichton. I read more pages of this in a day than I've read for my English novel. :I

Genvin and Stephen brought home a trolley yesterday and Genvin pushed it back today. I took a photo before he returned it, though. :D

For Vivian! I found this in my room.

Book I bought from Vinnies yesterday, called The Te of Piglet. I have no idea what it's about so far because I've only read the first page (the one in the picture) and I like the pictures, THEY'RE SO CUTE! :D

My dog is all nice and fluffy cuz she had a shower, so I was playing with her with a towel.

Oh yeah, I like how my parents opened up the shutter blinds so I could see through the people on the driveway and my neighbours house, from the back of our house.

-- PHOTOS FROM YESTERDAY (26/06/10) --

I thought this was really funny. LOL.

Jess T's at my house? No wai. :o


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