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Dear Genvin and Steph,

After years of school, after talking with my friends and stuff, I realised that as brothers and sisters we have a pretty good relationship. We get along well and we talk to each other a lot. We don't argue or fight, not even when we're pissed at each other, I think. Cuz all I'd do is have a little bitch about it to one of my friends but whatever, we all do that, right. LOL. Some people have asked me who I'm closer to, my brother or my sister. Honestly, I have no idea. I guess I'd think Genvin, possibly because the age gap is smaller, but it's not like I don't talk to my sister and it's not like we don't have much to talk about.

I remember this one time last year when I really pissed my mum off. Um, I honestly don't remember what it was about anymore, but I think it was about school photos and I swear I'd given the envelope to her but then on the night before I couldn't find it, so no idea where it went, and then I asked her and I was like annoyed already and she was annoyed already .. Okay wait this was another time, dw. LOL.

Okay, point is, I remember this one time last year when it was like one of the rare occasions where I've really pissed my mum off. Like she hasn't been as pissed at my brother or sister or anyone else, yeah, that's how pissed off I made her. :s Anyway so I just got this mega long lecture/telling off/whatever and like everyone in the house knew about it lol and yeah so I was sitting on my bed, after 'everything was over' kinda thing i.e. when my dad stopped telling me off and got out of my room and I was sitting on the bed and crying, and all the time while I was getting told off, it was in my room, and Genvin was ironing the clothes in the laundry, which is next to my room. Anyway so I was crying and yeah so when my parents went away, he came in and sat on the bed next to me and he's like, Are you okay? and patted my head. :) And then my mum walked past my room and was like, Why are you comforting her? and then he got involved in the whole fight thingo and my dad came as well and I think my sister might've as well, so yeah, cool story, bro.

I guess I kinda have a lot of fun with Genvin. Like, both of us act really stupid together and make bad jokes and Idk, go Coles or Woolworths together and take 45 minutes to figure out what lollies or chips we wanna get, full contemplating and shit, LOL. He also edits my crappy English practice essays and stupid short stories, and makes me feel dumb cuz there's always all this stuff that's wrong with it. :( And I show him stupid Harry Potter macros that I find on Tumblr, LOL. Genvin's friends like Dannis and Stephen are cool too, so it's fun when they're over. Maybe not Dannis cuz like uh, LOL, he's kinda annoying sometimes and Stephen's like funnier. :D But yeah, we get along pretty well, right?

Okay I just realised that most of my 'letters' aren't exactly letters, they're more like .. just saying my relationship and what I think about them. What a bad letter.

I'm sorry I don't listen to you all the time, Steph. You talk to me about Masterchef, or maybe you're annoyed at something or I don't know, just stuff, and I don't listen a lot of the time. Like just then, you were telling me that story about some stripper or something and .. Okay I don't know what happened, cuz I didn't listen. :( Sorry. I think sometimes you've realised that I'm not really listening to you, but I think part of the reason why I don't listen to you all the time is because I used to talk to you and you didn't really listen, like didn't listen as in you think I'm talking to someone else kinda thing. I guess mine's a bit worse, because you expect me to talk to you, to say something in response, and I don't know what you're really talking about because I'm not listening, and all I end up doing is like, Mm .. Yeahh .. and just agree with you kinda thing. But I'm just saying, it's not like I always don't listen to you, I still listen to you and we still talk properly so yeah. :D I realised that sometimes we don't have anything to talk about. When we went to Livo on Friday and Saturday, the bus rides home were just quiet .. But I guess that's cuz both of us were tired, cuz yeah, I was tired, LOL. I can't really remember a time where you specifically have helped me out.. LOL.

I really love both of you. Genvin, I really hope you do something good in uni and I hope you do well in your HSC this year. Just saying, you shower for too long sometimes and like wtf I have 10 minutes OR LESS to shower and get ready and get to the bus stop? FML. But I really hope you do well in your HSC this year, please study more and be more motivated. :( Steph, I'm sorry I'm not a good listener when you need one. You've almost finished uni, I wonder what you're going to do when you're done. I hope you're happy with yourself right now and that you're doing something you enjoy. By that, I mean cooking and just .. Lol, I just hope you're happy right now. :D

(5:07pm 29/06/10)

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