Went Livo today for thrifting props for art. There was an argument between this chick and an Asian guy and the lady was full screaming and her daughter was crying and some security came and it was outside Rubi/Modeleste or whatever it's called and um, yeah Idk what happened but something about the daughter. Um, saw this really really pretty blouse at Bardot, $40 down from $59.95, it's ivory coloured with a line of ruffles, a black bow (well, it's like two black strips that you're meant to tie into a bow) and the buttons are small and black. Fucking want it, oh my gosh. LIKE I NO JOKE WANT IT. Yeah, went Sushi Bay and got ebi tempura udon and a $3.00 plate. Went to Vinnies and bought some stuff, was going to go to the other thrift store but it was closed. Went home. Jessica T was at my house, with some of her other friends. Stephen was over too. They were playing music really loudly and it was like, such happy music and so loudly. :D Oh, I bought this book from Vinnies. It's got something to do with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and everything, but it's a novel with small illustrations, not a picture book. Piglet is the cutest little bitch ever. LOL. Um, will maybe post photos tomorrow, I don't know. Um, but Jess T and her friends were over, and I talked to her friends more than I did to her, cuz two of her friends were scared of the dogs I think. Um, a lot of people were like, What was she wearing! LOL. Sounds so pedo, but this 3/4 sleeve floral vintage-y looking top and this long, flowy black skirt, like calve length and some boots. Um, they were outside eating nachos and pizza. I didn't rly talk to Jess T and everyone's like, Omg why didn't you. ==' Um .. They left at around 6 to go to the Oliver musical at Sefton. When Stephen and Genvin got home at 10-something, Stephen had gotten me Jess T's ticket to the play, which was from her ass pocket therefore 'in holding the ticket, I'm pretty much holding her ass'. LOL. Anyway, they bought all this food but didn't bring it, so now I have all this candy and popcorn. Yay! Today was a good day. Good, good day. I wish I got a photo with Jess T, but I have no idea how I was meant to. I'm not thaat much of a fangirl. Dammit. LOL. And yeah kk I found out Blosia has black circle lenses that she wears whenever she's not wearing her glasses. No wonder she's so fucking cute LOL. :$

Jo Kwon in red and blue, LOL.

Maybe Mitchell would like this? LOL.

For Grace. KK GTG BAI

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